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Cant find bad weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by JayCambo, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. its weird but from the many people ive bought of in my city ive have never ever been sold or seen what people call mids im not trying to be all cool saying ooh my cities amazing i cant get bad weed im being serious and made this thread to see if i was the only person im from liverpool,uk btw.
  2. Because you scouse lot grow some sick pukka
  3. I get you. I can't just get decent stuff - it's either shit or high grade (unless you buy by the gram, and then it's more expensive per gram than the high grade weed) and obviously I'm not going to go for the crap. I was done with that once I got some with little bits of glass in it.
  4. you probably dont always get prime dank dank de dank dank but either high end mids or low end danks then there is just plain old cream of the crop grade A+++ which only comes around once every couple of months in my experience in the UK.

    I would be surprised if you were getting prime dank every pick up it just does not happen on the black market.

    If you are well done, pm your num lol
  5. no mate not prime dank just never bad weed i think its because the customers in liverpool would actually just not buy bad weed so if you grow bad weed then you might aswell throw it away .
  6. #6 trunkmuzik, Aug 13, 2012
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    lol cant pm you my number, but I ALWAYS get premo. Just check my sig if you dont trust me, Im in the north west.

    And that being said, I find outdoor is always easy to come by in BC for anywhere from 500-1000 a pound, mostly around 6 or 7
  7. It's much the same anywhere you have a large number of bigtime growers. In my area a dealer simply couldn't sell brickweed because there is far too much kickass homegrown flooding the market. I've never seen the point of buying shitty herb. Of course, I haven't bought pot in 25 years.

  8. not that uncommon, i have 10+ connects for stanky buds all fairly reliable. Yet i only have 1 connect for mids, whose extremely reliable but shit.

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