Can't find any shrooms

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by fballer12, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. ...But I really want some

    What do you guys suggest..Theirs a lot of hippies in my town..Should I just go up and ask one If he knows where I can get some?

  2. got any cow pastures near-by?

  3. Yeah haha...what does that have to do with it
  4. I think you know what's coming next
  5. BOOM BOOM HUNTING! :hello:

    Just don't pick the wrong ones..:eek:
  6. attempting to do mycolgy yourself is a bad idea. there can be very subtle differences in a mushroom that is toxic to a mushroom that is ebtible. anything from a terrible stomach ache to your liver and kidneys failing can happen from eating a toxic mushroom.
  7. Since I've been having problems finding them, I'm going to grow them myself. :hippie:
  8. asking can't hurt, they can't arrest you for asking I don't think. But talk about legal stuff first, introduce yourself. Ask your friends, most friends I know know that "one guy" who can get anything. But most of the time it takes awhile to get it from that one guy, unless you got a really good connect.
  9. ya im in the same boat as this guy. all my connects dont sell anymore, or theyre hella sketchy
  10. ask the people that sell you weed...i know where i live theres a ring of dealers and they all seem to know eachother and a lot of people sell different things...theyre there to be eaten you just gotta find shouldnt be too hard and if all else fails askt eh hippies
  11. Last summer all my friends knew where to get them although I still somehow managed to not get my hands on any. I've only heard about 'em once this year, but now LSD is in town, and that's a first.

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