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Cant find any regs or mids!!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sensimilla, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I cant seem to find any reggs around here or mids, everyone has just dank and i want to buy some reggs or mids so i can make a cake since i can get more for the same price of dank, Is it ok to ask other dealers to see if they can find me a someone who has regs??:confused:

  2. yea u can get more, but u wont get as high...just get the piff kid
  3. Did you even read the two sentences he wrote? He wants to bake it, not smoke it....

    Yeah it's cool if you ask your dealer for mids, I doubt he'll care lol.

  4. Mids are fine to buy, your getting 7 grams for what $30 in most places.

    You can get a nice high off them, just takes a little bit more. Lot cheaper than piff.
  5. actually didnt catch that, i was in a hurry. sorry
  6. yeah im sure ur dealer has some mids. he wont mind probably
  7. I wish I had this problem lol. Sadly, my problem is the opposite. :(
  8. Then maybe it ain't mids?

  9. whats ur hurry? ur on a forum lol

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