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  1. I currently am in my first grow. I am changing over today to flower and here is my question.... I don't have a seperate flower and veg room just a cabinet grow. I do however have a plant that I would like to keep as a mother ( all fem seeds ) so my question is can I put her into flower along with the rest and after harvest send her back to veg and use her for clones? I am understanding that you can harvest and then leave a few buds and let them reflower so can I put her back into veg pretty much the same right???

    She is really stinky or I would just set up a light and a veg room but my carbon filter is sorta being used:D

    Thanks guys I appreciate your help, Budy
  2. I`ve read about this as well and it is possible but also read that in the time it takes for the plant to reveg after being harvested you could probably start over with a new seed quicker.
  3. I think that would work...but as tplat said it can take quite a while to reveg. It seems strain dependent and goes a little faster if you leave alot of growth and put it under some strong light for 24/0 to reveg. I've had some plants reveg in a week, others can take a month or more.
  4. Well I wanted to keep this plant as a mother as it has really outdone the other 9 as far as growth and total mass of the plant... I am understanding that the clones would have the exact same characteristics as the mother plant so they to should be big producers right?
  5. yeh the clones should be the exact same genetics as the mother plant...usually clones do better because they're always mature before flower. Have you considered cloning? You could try to start now and maybe get a small clone to root by the time flower ends...maybe just a few cuts in a glass of water getting minimal light. Any place you could do that? just somewhere that they're get 18 or so hours of real weak light. That way you'd kinda have a plan 'B' :)
  6. I can try that...the cabinet has an area for cloning, seed start up ect... and that looked great but isn't f--worth anything as if I leave the light T5s on in the bottom area for 18/6 I dont have a way to keep the light out of the upper area while it is in 12/12. Boy have I learned alot since this began lol... I am just going to take out that area and increase my overall height of my grow space. I am really surprised at how stinky these weeds are before they go into flower, my plants are 1 month old and when you open the door to the cab whew!!!! They have been that way for sometime now Thanks Budy

    By the way Bongsauce great grow you had there!!!!!!!!!
  7. I can attest that: yes, this works and yes, it takes forever.

    I did it with 3 of my 4 plants last grow. One plant only had one decent bud left, the other two had several scraggly ones that weren't worth cutting off. They all sat around for another 2 weeks ripening those few buds, which is awesome for figuring out how long to let them go in flower next time. Then for another week or two they do nothing, then they'll start sprouting leaves from the buds around week 4-6, and they'll slowly take off from there. At around 2 months they'll really get into it and you can look to take your first set of clones around there. I'd throw the first set or two away.

    After 2.5 to 3 months they'll be nicely settled in. I never repotted them after harvest and they're doing just great in 3 gallon pots now. :)

    Good luck!
  8. Great NEWS!!! I appreciate the info. I don't really care how long it takes I am just growing meds so I will have plenty after harvest to keep me going I was just hoping to keep the strain without starting from seed and having to find THAT plant as a mother. Thaaaanks again, Budy2shoes
  9. i really think you should make a separate room for the mother and just take clones! if you can you could just sit her in a window with a florescent bulb close by for when it turns night time that's what a friend of mine does with hers. Or just make a small part of your grow area just for her. if she is worth it then do it!

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