Can't find a scale anywhere.

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  1. I went to Target, Walgreens, Staples, Brookstone, Sears, CVS, and even my local headshop only had one of those huge school science-like tilting ones for ounces and ounces. I just want a cheap pocket digital scale for personal use. Any tips? I didnt really want to get one online but it looks like a might have to.
  2. Yea man i would get one off ebay thats where i got mine, no complaints whatsoever
  3. It really shouldn't be hard to find a scale dude, they are at like all of the stores you mentioned, they are just like 50 bucks. Order online, you can get good ones for under $20

  4. this.

    you can get a pretty good one for around $15
  5. Best advice i can give you is talk to your dealer. He sells, thus he must know where to get a scale. I was in the same situation, asked my dealer and he actually just gave me a pocket scale, but if your dealer isn't as generous im sure you could get him to sell you one for like 10 bucks
  6. Plenty of scales on a fish.
  7. go to a ghetto corner store and ask for one, there not usually in the open :wave:
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    Try those and then come back if you dont find anything.;)

    I recommend the Palmscale 6.0 only because it's rechargeable.

    EDIT: They sell them here at GC now.
  9. Gas stations.
  10. Check amazon I got a triton t2 550gram there for like 15
  11. hows this one? looks cheap. but as long as it works. i basically want a scale just so i know what im getting and for the next time i make some firecrackers and other edibles. plus im pretty sure im getting Da Buddha off this site pretty soon, so i could just tack it on to the order.
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    Its the best

    oh and get the calibration wieght
  13. walmart sell's them for 19 $ there called food scales
  14. but do they weigh to 000.0 to 550 grams?
  15. u can way up too 1.5 pound on the scales at walmart
  16. 000.0 digits though, if you have to split 28 grams 4 ways, and you have to do it accurately its hard when you can only see 00. Because 1g is then equal to .5 to 1.5

    Not trying to fight or anything that has just been a common frustration for me...ive bought 3 t2's due to theft, and lots of crap inbetween
  17. I got mine on ebay for like $15. But they have them at the tobacco shops here, like smoker friendly and The Stag Tobacconist.
  18. just go online.

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