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cant find a good site ***PLEASE HELP***

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinSmokin0420, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. wuts up everyone, right now i own a bubbler, a mini bong and a small spoon. for like a few months i have been lookin to buy a new piece, probably another bub or another small bong. but i want to order it online through paypal. i have been lookin for a long time and cannot find any good sites that sell pieces where u can pay for em through paypal. i no that u cant have links to shops here in the forums but i figured there are alot of genius stoners on this site that would no so PLEASE if u no a site that acepts paypal PLEASE send me a private message. thanks alot to everyone keep tokin
  2. Fuck paypal... Where's that official fuck off page, I've got some ranting to do, all these stupid people these days are really pissing me off!!

    ~ Terpsichore
  3. i like that thread too, feels good to vent
  4. Lol, whoa Terp, a lot of angry posts latley:eek:
  5. hello room. I s everyone blitzed:metal: :bongin: :bolt:
  6. [​IMG]
    i an so gone
  7. spkarky I;ll smoke with u:smoking:
  8. Im happy I was banned from paypal with like 13 cents in my account.:D
  9. give me a call or i can call u.
  10. i have to pack 1 up quick
  11. Ya- Paypal sucks. You want a site which has its own merchant account- they're the safe ones. The ones using 3rd party payment gateways tend to be a bit shaky. I dunno that's my experience.
  12. what about stormpay or whatever its called? is that safe to use for purchasing things off of sites
  13. yikes

    good to find that out. i always wondered why iamshaman didn't want my paypal account. i have just enough money that i can't stick it back in my bank :mad: $14.90 stuck.

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