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Cant find a consistent dealer.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420BONGZILLA420, May 15, 2011.

  1. hey GC recently the only guy i could get dank off of stopped selling because all the cops were on to him. so now i have NOBODY that sells dank consistently. all it is in my town is reggs or haze every now and then. and it also pisses me off that i have to go into the ghetto just to get shitty ass regg (not to mention last time there i got jumped). so my question to you is where can i find somebody that sells dank? ive asked everybody i know and its all the same "there is no one". also i cant grow my own cause i just got out of college and i am still living with rents. any help???
  2. I ran into a similar situation a few weeks ago. Everyone I called was dry. I could have gotten regs but it would have been a waste of money. My next option was to call some friends who smoke and try to get hooked up through one of their connects. I finally found a guy through a friend who claimed to have some good stuff. I guess because he had no clue who I was, he got spooked a little. He kept slow playing me through my friend (I never talked to him). I figure it was probably because I asked for an ounce.

    Anyway, I ended up having to get some through a friend that lives about 2 hours away from me. I also had to front the money to a middle man (I hate doing that). The only good thing was the stuff I ended up with was awesome.

    For whatever reason it suddenly got really hard for me to find some good quality bud. It was because of this that I have decided to grow my own.
  3. Maybe if you know people within a 2 hour drive in another town you could always get bud, just get bud every 2 weeks enough to last. That's what I do then you never have to worry about looking around all day everyday.
  4. damn im in like the opposite position lol i had a good steady dealer was real cool but then one of the main dealers around here got busted and snitched then my guy said fuck it and quit. Now all i can find is fucking dank and no regs its shitty weed only last like an hour now :l
  5. alot of your suggestions were good. my one friend has this dealer who has some crazy ass chronic but everytime we call him he never picks up the phone. dam i wish i lived in cali or bc, wouldnt have this problem.

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