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  1. where to put this and im really stoned so this seemed liek the right recently ive been smoking some junk,hah that makes it sound like im a heroine addict:rolleyes: ..but mostly mids/regs w.e only bc im sick of spending so much money..and i got this one bag that looked really good,like alot better than mids would im like sick!one nug even had purpleish leavs on it..but hwne ur breakin the buds up theres soooo many seeds like in one little bud about the size of a quarter had 6 seeds and its the same with the rest..but it still gets me good and toasted..i thought at first it was the male plant but then relized males dont look like weed? but then wondered could it be polinated? but i heard something like the polinated female is basically this is wayy to long:eek:

  2. [​IMG]

  3. Haha I'm crackn up
  4. i actually was too:D

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