Can't figure out which deficiency I have!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ZTS, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Hey, guys.

    Not sure what could be causing this. Let me know what you think![​IMG]

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  2. looks like russet mite damage good...get a microscope quick and check the undersides...
    YOU CANNOT SEE THEM with the naked eye...OR A magnifying glass....Google them ...they are BAD right now..below is a pic of the glossy plastic look damage they leave behind. GFP[​IMG]

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  3. Oh, man. That doesn't look good. Can I spot them with a 60x?

    I'll check tonight when the lights go on.

    Also, do you know of a fix?

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  4. a 60 x should do it but take of like 10 leaves and spend a few minutes on each one...if you find one....your in for a fun time depending how late into flowering you are......spinosad , neem oil , and diatomaceous earth powder are the 3 things known work but it's a LONG grueling battle have to break Thier life cycle ...and they live a month..long...they are the worst nightmare of a modern day cash cropper....I know...they got me already ...and instead of fighting...I had to shut down everything ...AND start from seed ...GOOD LUCK AND KEEP US POSTED


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  5. Couldn't find anything on the leafs I pulled. Plants are not improving! In fact they are getting worse.
    Not sure what to do at this point of time. I just flushed them with nothing but water and great white.
  6. How's your fight going. I have the same problem. 20170802_152459.jpg

    I have started treating with organic pesticide containing canola oil and garlic whilst I wait for my neem oil to arrive in the mail.
  7. Fortunately I figured out my problem was a result of me changing the ph on them. My tap was actually around ph level 8 and so when I switched up the ph to 6.5 it totally freaked out the plants. Suddenly they had all these nutes they weren't getting before.
    I eased up on the nutes and so far so good.
    I did buy some $30 neem oil spray but luckily i have no bugs.

    Sorry, that def looks like bugs :(
  8. Lucky you :)
  9. R
    How is the oil and garlic working?
  10. Flush

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  11. I have only done 1 treatment so far so can't say as yet if it's working or not

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