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  1. Hi guys so I've been growing for a little while now and I seem to be having some issues with the last 2 rounds of clones they seem to have to same issue no matter what I do. Right at the start of flower they start to show these signs and almost have no nice leaves left after a week or 2 I've tried a bunch of different things to attempt to fix the problem but nothing seems to be working. If anyone knows what's wrong with these girls or has any suggestions as to what I should try to fix them thatd be great thanks! 15032321005191970838414.jpg 15032321580971212309061.jpg

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  2. Looks like you need some calmag and some nitrogen my friend.
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  3. I don't thiink so. Both N and Mg def. show from the bottom up. The lower leaves here, at least from what I can see, seem fine.
    OP, what are you feeding and what is your medium and where are you getting your water?
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  4. I'm just using half strength fox farm nutes in ffof soil. The water I'm getting from my tap but I haven't had any issues before. The plants i have grown from seed under the same conditions are doing fine it just seems to be the clones. I thought it was the N and Mg as well but like you had said it's starting with the newer growth and feeding more of those doesn't seem to be helping at all.
  5. ZIMS.
    Zinc, iron, manganeze, sulfur ???
    If you have been trying to tackle a non-existent Mg problem with Epson then your sulphur is covered. Zinc I think shows up in lower leaves also, first. Manganeze starts yellowing from the base of the leaf and results in a more spotted/mottled look.
    Kind of leaves us with iron. Wonder if you water provider changed out their filters. ;)
    You work in chelated iron (if it is iron) to the soil. I know iron issues can happen with too much P. Just throwing it out there...
    Oh and as far as the clones acting different...same strains as your seed plants?
  6. Are all the problem plants genetic twins? If all your other plants are doing fine and you're feeding them the same it might just be DNA related. One of my plants grew up completely yellow one time and didn't start turning green until closer to flowering and it did great. What have you done to try to correct?

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  7. I might try out adding in some iron. I've tried flushing with fresh nutrients I've tried transplanting, adding calmag into my feeding added fans invade it was heat related... nothing seems to be working I'll let you guys know about the iron thanks for all the help!
  8. Do not rule out sulfur if you have not been adding somehow.
  9. If you are planting those fresh clones once they root directly into FFOF i would not add any nutrients for the first 30 days, You are more than likely overdoing the nutes and are experiencing lock out, FF makes great soil but there bottled nutes are horrible other than there big bloom organic line, I would recommend just waterign them for a few weeks and maybe add some cal mag in the waterings if your not using tap that already has it. My clones do the same thing when rooting but once that happenes and i put in there small pots to build a root zone it stops completely on all the new growth, i dont give any bottled ferts until they have vegged atleast 30 days in FFOF soil and they seem to do great. I also dont ph my water it goes straight from the tap into the plant ( i do let it sit a day or 2 first) IMG_0226.JPG

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