Can't figure out the problem(s) with my plant

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  1. I'm kind of panicking because this is my first outdoor grow and by far the biggest plant I've ever grown so far. =D

    I love growing so much and i aim to gather info and experience throughout the years to come.

    The strain is called "ICE" and it's been growing outside all its life, I planted seed back in the spring..
    It's in the ground inside a hole about 3ft deep, 1 1/2 ft wide.

    It's about 5 ft tall and has a lot of "main" stems becuz I topped a few times. Last week I did an early flowering defoliation..

    Up until this point, I've literally had 0 problems with this jewel..

    I did some research and I'm thinking it's either a potassium or manganese def(feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm still just a dumbfounded noob whos gotta lotta learning to do..


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  2. Looks like spots of milldew also?

    Up your K. Feed they heck out of that girl. Aminno's for N, gotta get that K up and some gypsum will help with the Ca deficiency. Feed, feed, feed.
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  3. Yea that looks a little bad especially cuz it's so early in flower. Some yellowing is ok but not like that. It should be reversible yellow. I would just top dress with fresh compost mixed with fertilizer. I wouldn't try to feed it just manganese or potassium by itself to play it safe
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  4. You could though. But u might lock something out. Make sure u don't have black spot disease or some sort of fungal pathogen attacking leaves. Looks similar
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  5. .

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  6. K is exactly what my nutes were lacking(18-36-1) but now I've been giving her what bloom nutes I have on hand (got some grotek monster bloom pro shipping as we speak- it should go well with the grotek grow Pro) but what I'm using ATM is AN pH perfect bloom 1-3-4 which seems measly but idk.


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  7. Thx for the help man. Did you mean to not feed it with manganese or phosph or that only? What would u recommend I do when it comes time to water? Flush it with water or light nutes? Thx so much buddy this means a lot to me :D

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  8. What I meat to say is that instead of fertilizing with pure manganese and phospho, you should just fertilize as normal with something that has all the vital elements in it such as nitrogen, phosph, potash and don't forget the calcium, magnesium, sulfur
  9. BTW your plant still looks good overall and it won't die. It should still produce dank buds. Just get on top of that issue cuz you're already running out of time if it started to flower
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  10. Thanks for the info buddy. I just got grotek monster bloom Pro (0-50-30) in the mail today. I used it half strength and added a little 5-1-1 fish fert so hopefully that'll do it..

    Do u know what what kind of problem it is? I'm not sure if it's a deficiency or mildew or both. I mixed 2tsp ACV per 1 liter water and sprayed it twice and on a different day I used baking soda.

    Trying to do everything I can to help it but I realize that can make the problem worse or create new problems.

    I would love it if this plant makes it.

    Thx again man

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  11. Quick question: my dad's white widow already has buds forming and mine(called ice) is just starting to shoot out the hairs. I know strains are all different, but that's a huge difference.

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