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  1. I keep having this recurring problem with my plants. Using FFOF and RO water. The soil ph meter is telling me the PH is around 6.5. The only nutes given have been a single watering with Cal-Mag about a week and a half ago. This new plant started to show signs a few days ago and has rapidly progressed. It's been in flowering for around 2 weeks, sorry I didnt get a pic of the buds for time reference. Strain is Afghan Kush Ryder. Indoor grow, 400w hps bulb about 15 in. above the top of the canopy. I've no clue what to do anymore, please help.

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  2. Hey buddi,

    I think. . . you might have spider mites. They tend to leave dots like this when they suck up the goodness from the leaves. Try looking under the leaf. If you have a magnifying glass use that. Are there specks? Do they move?

    Also in the first pic there seems to be a web on the leaf. Might be a hair, but this is a tell tale sign that you have mites.

    If this is the case then you need to act quick. They will fuck your plant, hard and fast.

    Have a look at the sticky threads. They show you the best ways to get rid of them. Best luck to you man.
  3. yep, those look like spidermites

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