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Can't ever get a energetic high, always sleepy after

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Keizo, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I have been smoking on and off for a year or so. Been smoking mostly sativa but still am tired as hell afterwards.

    Any advice on this? I even play music and try to be active but I just feel like always laying down and passing out even after a wake n bake.

    I have always enjoyed it still but kinda tired of being "tired" afterwards.
  2. Have some coffee. Thats my favorite way to start the day. Infact Im doing it right now. A small bowl of dankness and a cup of fresh black coffee:smoke:
  3. are you usually normally tired? for me it never really mattered what strain i smoked cus for the first 30 mns after smoking i am always energetic, i used to mow lawns and do yard work for people high as fuck. however if it is an indica i usually start going down after the 30 min mark, not crashing just becoming tired. wake and bakes always make you tired.
  4. I have done that and even energy drinks wayy too much. I sadly work overnight so it is kinda tough for my body to know when to sleep and when not. Even though since I got off at 7, it has been one hell of a "night".
  5. I generally only sleep 5-6 hours but on weekends 10 hours. It is just sometimes I can only stay up for like 1 hour-3 hours after smoking and I honestly couldn't stay awake with my gf in my face talking. (Trust me she could keep satan awake)
  6. Well, THC, as with any drug, has different effects on different people. Maybe it will aways tire you out. If you live in a medical state or have great hook ups maybe try a bunch of different strains that are known to be uppers and see if you can find one you like that wont knock you out. I usually get tired too if I smoke and then just watch tv or somthing but if Im up and doing somthing Im usually fine. I too know how the night shift goes. It sucks ass is what it does. My shift now is 11:30 am till around 7 pm which is sweet.

  7. Damn, TRADE!? I work 5PM-7AM 5 days a week

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