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Can't even get high anymore. What Do I Do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by o TrippY x, May 6, 2011.

  1. okay ive been smoking for a year straight after stopping for 9 months. i can't get high anymore at all ): how long should i take a t-break or is there anything else that can help?
  2. smoke some chronic man
  3. Damn that sucks. Maybe you've gotten lazy and just arn't inhaling haha i don't know.
  4. Try inhaling.
  5. Try smoking marijuana.
  6. Maybe you should fly back to krpton. That or stop smoking oregano. My old mans been smoking pretty much every day since the 1960's. He still gets high every time. I been blazing off and on for well over a decade and never had this problem.
  7. stop smoking mids
  8. i smoke strate dank lol. i'm not an idiot and i could tell if a bag was oregano a mile away. i know my trees man

    just seems like i get a short like 20-30 min buzz. not high. buzz.

  9. Top your bowl with nutmeg.
  10. smoke more each session? or take a month t-break.
  11. I've been high as shit every night for 6 years! Sucks to be you man, have you tried edibles?
  12. Double your intake
  13. I did get some shitty weed one time that only gave me a buzz for 20-30min. It was pretty crappy man. Weird thing was it looked like decent smoke. Have you tried weed from another source?
  14. plug your weed, it seems to be all the rage atm.
  15. You may need to switch genotypes you might be smoking to much indicas or to much sativas you need to mix them up alittle bit or just smoke on the weekend
  16. #17 Jigsawman, May 6, 2011
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    I lol'd so hard!
  17. RED BALLS, itll getcha high!!
  18. Loosen your New Era and smoke more.
  19. Top your bowl off with a slight pinch of 40x salvia :). Guaranteed to work or your money back.

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