Cant Edit Posts In My Grow Thread To Fix Pictures

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    i cant edit any of my post in my grow thread which is in my sig:
    i need to edit them to fix the bbcode as attachments are'nt working so i can see my pics but i cant edit any of my posts in that thread now but i edited the second post like 2 days ago which was initially posted on 29 march 2013 which is 52 days and was edited today by gnik to fix the pics but all my other posts need fixing too and i cant edit even my last post made on 16 may 2013 now????

  2. Post edit time is as same as before we made the switch 1 week. 
    These settings have been corrected today with many other user group settings.
    As explained you before in other thread we are working on a solution that will display attach bbcodes inline within posts
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  3. pics now all workin now and i just attached some pics off the full site on the mobile  :smoke: thanks gc and gnik for ur help man

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