Can't Drink

Discussion in 'General' started by eome, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. A friend of mine can't drink for a while for medical reasons. So I was enjoying the custom of taking the piss out of someone who can't drink... The best one I did however, I did without even knowing it. I got a bottle of beer and just walked up to him and says:
    "Do ya want a beer mate?"

    Was not too pleased... Especialy since i stood there for two minutes, not getting it, saying "What?"

    I'm just too bored....

  2. that must of my friends can't drink because he's diabetic...but he still smokes like a crazy motherfucker
  3. You know what sucks more than that? Not being able to smoke weed...I found out last week that my request to be put on minimal supervision got denied since I've yet to find a new job. I was led to believe that if I was going to school full time (12 credit hrs) I wouldn't need a part-time job. Now I'm going back to supervised probation and I have to see a new PO on Tuesday. I've got no clue if I'll be getting drug tested or not so I've been keeping myself very hydrated.

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