Cant drink as much when I'm high.

Discussion in 'General' started by twitchydude420, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Last night I got so fucked up and I didnt even drink that much. I only drank like 8 beers and smoked like 3 blunts with a couple friends. Anybody else find that they cant drink that much when your high? I can normally drink alot more but I was fucking gone. I even ended up puking but I just shook it off by smoking more.
  2. Same thing with me.
  3. Only reason I can't drink as much is because I taste everything when I'm high, and alcohol does taste like shit, no matter what people tell you.

    Of course, it's probably because I'm poor and can't afford the good tasting alcohol. Every try drinking natty light or vlad vodka high? Don't.
  4. I usually have to drink more if I smoke before I drink.:confused_2:
  5. Try getting drunk and then smoking.

    Nonstop moving vision, spins, puking, sweating, great times.
  6. Lol yeah its because alcohol and dry mouth dont go together for me. Plus I only drink cheap liquor. Last night i smoked a joint and after to get drunk so I started to put some shots back of zhenka vodka and i was just like fuuuuuck its not worth it haha

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