Can't do homework sober

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NPM, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. I'm writing my first (community)college paper and I am finding it incredibly hard to stay on track if I'm not high. I get constantly sidetracked or I procrastinate my ass off if I am sober.

    Anyone else like this? Its really annoying actually
  2. Dude you just gotta suck it up here. A lot of ppl have to quit for months at a time for programs and what not. (Including myself) So just focus and get that shit done and celibrate with a blunt or bong rip.
    If you ment you have no bud as of right now, call up a friend who has some or just relax and enjoy life for what it's worth. Life isn't all about bud. If you HAVE to have bud to do your homework, that can't be healthy :rolleyes:.​
  3. I've been through this too...
    I find that weed makes every activity more rewarding. In the brain, THC potentiates dopamine release. So, when you are doing activities that are at least somewhat rewarding, sober, when you do such activities high, they become more rewarding because of dopamine potentiation.

    What I'm saying is, what you consistently do high becomes less desirable when you aren't because of classic conditioning.

    To solve this problem one must recondition himself to prefer homework when he's sober. To do this you will need a greater reward for doing homework sober than high. That could be anything...taking a good dose of caffiene before homework could help...doing your homework then rewarding yourself with weed...etc.

    You just have to find a way that works for you. I've given you the tools of's up to you do use them. :smoking:
  4. I'm the same way, i can't focus on school stuff unless I'm baked
  5. Its more interesting for me to do high. My only suggestion proofread your paper one time sober afterwards at least, I know this from experience haha. You will def. find a few "stoner" errors.
  6. Hey man if you like to be high while you do your homework... Nothing wrong w/ that if you ask me! LOL I've definitely been there / done that many times, and gotten good grades.

    Herb makes homework more tolerable / enjoyable sometimes. It enhances class time so much too! So go get blazed and enjoy college!!!

    This hit is for you enjoying your college days with LOTS of weed!
  7. I get like this too, sometimes. I've got to have something else to do besides work or I flip when I'm sober. I talked to my Psychotherapist about it and he said I'm a strong candidate for Adult onset A.D.D. I'm writing a paper right now, too. Finding it pretty easy since I'm stoned. Shit just got real.
  8. That has nothing to do with what the OP is saying. I LOVE doing my homework/essays and what not high. But he just physically CAN'T do his homework while not being high (sober). :eek:
  9. OP is 8 years old Billy.

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