Can't decide which EHLE Bong

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  1. Personally, I would go for the Ice Ball or the Bent Neck Ice Cylinder.
    The 2000ML seems a bit too extravagant on account it having a HUGE smoke intake, with less ways to create less drag. It looks like it would hit harsh as HELL. Also, with the smaller mouthpiece (at least it looks that way) it looks like it would be harder to get ice in there.
  2. I wonder if anyone on here has that 2000. I'd like to know how it hits.
  3. i would go with the bent neck, looks sick. :bongin:
  4. Does anyone know any sites where I can buy the 2000. I know there is everyone does it but I'm looking for a site in the US. I know you can't post in this thread but can you PM me? Also I know you guys like the bent neck but that 2000 is too epic to pass up.
  5. id go with the bent neck.

    the 2000 is impressive but keep in mind its not 5mm and 29.2 accessories cost a lot more than the other joint sizes.:D
  6. The huge bore one of course!
  7. 5mm ice ball
  8. the 5mm ice ball. that 2000 is just ridiculous. an dim not much of a fan of bent necks for some reason.
  9. bent neck, has a sweet label, sig, and its 5mm. i donnt think the 2000 would be a good daily driver.
  10. That's what i was thinking. I agree go for the bent neck.
  11. go with the 2000ml. 29.2mm bowl? that's gigantic
  12. The ice ball looks so classy man, i would definatly go for that.

    The 2000ml just looks ridiculous in my opinion, real ugly.
  13. personally i like the bent neck
  14. You guys convinced me on the bent neck. I can't afford 29.2 stuff and I'll like having 5 MM glass. I'm sure the rips on the bent neck will be just as amazing as that 2000 anyway.
  15. bent neck all the way
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    Ok so my set up is going to be the Bent neck, two EHLE 14.5 13cm diffusers, and the tear drop precooler. I saw on toke city the downstem length for the tear drop is 5 inches which is 12.7cm.

    1)Can anyone that has the tear drop tell me if that's right? I don't want end up with one usable diffuser.
    2)EDIT Recommends 12.5cm/13cm for the downstem on the bent neck so I picked 13cm because they only have 12cm and 13cm not 12.5cm. Will that be fine or should I go with 12?
    3)Also that comes out to about 330 total with shipping. Is that good deal?

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