Cant decide... bowl or chillum

Discussion in 'General' started by Lokith, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I have read 2 threads on this topic. But they did not help me very much.

    I really just want to know what advantages does a chillum have to a bowl or "spoon"

    We call it a bowl from where I live.

    From what I've read spoon > chillum but I don't understand why

    What are your takes on it?
  2. Chillums are nice because a lot of them are small and easy to take with you. I don't like mine that much though, cause it's always a pain to cash out. I like bowls a lot better, easier to pack, easier to empty out. :)
  3. I've always found chillums to be harder to use than spoons, not being able to see where I'm lighting probably has something to do with it.
  4. Both are nice, but I'd go with a spoon over a chillum (I've owned plenty of both, so thats from experience)
  5. I definately prefer a spoon simply because i can use it to smoke by myself or pack a fat bowl and blaze with my people.
  6. in my opinion, no piece is better than another piece simply because of the kind of piece it is.

    a clean chillum is more pleasurable to smoke out of than a tarry bowl.

    and vice versa.

    you can get a huge chillum with a giant pack and a huge chamber, you can get a tiny one, same goes for bowls. you can get chillum's with carbs, you can get them without. same with bowls.

    they are pretty much the same thing and it comes down to personal preference and how well the individual piece was blown. generalizations of pieces happens too much on the internet. a well blown bubbler is in my opinion much better than a shitty blown bong with rubber o rings on it.

    if you're in the market for a new piece and you're torn between a chillum and a bowl, think about this before you make your purchase.

    are you going to need to conceal that you're smoking? if so look for a small chillum

    are you going to leave this piece at home? get a well blown spoon if you don't have to worry about carrying it around with you or breaking it.

    do you want a carb? try and find either piece with one, spoons with carbs are easier to find where i live.

    do you want fat party bowls, or do you want a small bowl pack? it's easier to find a spoon with a large bowl than a chillum, but big bowled chillums are around.
  7. Two more questions.

    1. Does 1 get more tarry than the other faster? Or does that just depend on the piece itself.

    2. If you had 2 each and both were fully cleaned and at top condition, which would take better hits?
  8. 1. that depends on the kind of weed you're smoking. some pot res pieces faster than other pot.

    2. it depends on the chamber size, bowl size, mouth piece and quality of herb.

    neither of these are things that are directly affected by it being a chillum or a bowl. i've seen many beautiful chillums that will out preform most spoons.

    if you want a piece that doesn't tar up and get clogged, and takes huge hits forever with little cleaning, go for a spoon with a large chamber and a solid open mouth piece, wide bowlpiece but not too deep. deep = bad because if you're smoking mids, the last like 5 hits taste like complete shit.

    i say go for a spoon because the chances of you finding a completely badass large chillum are kind of low.

    chillums are very very similar to spoons with the way they're actually made, just a differently placed bowlpiece. they hit almost identically. it's all on personal preference on which one you like more, and if they're both well made pieces you won't be able to tell the difference in how they both stroke.
  9. go with a glass chillum i got one and a regular bowl...i gotta say chillums have advantages bowls dont...go for it chamop i bought a chillum(glass) for 50 bucks...its so artistic and i dropped it 5 plus times fuckin nice son\
  10. This.
  11. dude if ur deciding on getting a spoon or a chillum i say go with a spoon or a bubbler cause they hit reaaally nicely and theyre affordable
  12. i would def go for a chillum. its easy to hide and doesnt look as suspicious as a bowl when your smoking in public. i walk around with mine in my shoe. try doing that with a bowl.

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