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       Well I'm out of a relationship with a girl I loved, it ended the start of December... not going to go into it again but. Anyways when she was leaving I cried of course, and now about two months later, I still have this choked up feeling in my chest (soul?) I know I need to squeeze out those tears for me to move on, but I just can't cry, and get the subsequent relief it would bring.
       I've gone into extrospective thinking about the situation and I'm thinking that maybe I can't relieve myself from the situation yet because it isn't meant to be over, like her and I are not done. I'm not into mystical happenings (can't think of the word) but I know that if I relieve myself by grieving I'll probably be over her and lose my feelings for her, so maybe I can't cry it out because it isn't meant to be over yet.
       And I've tried to bring it out listening to music that portrays my situation perfectly, I get choked up in my chest but not crying. I'm probably over thinking it but I'm sure that if I still have this choked up feeling in me, then I still have my feelings for her. So is it possible that my consciousness is telling me it's not over yet? If not, then why can't I cry and move on about it?
       Also if anyone brings up the whole man up dude don't cry stereotype, I agree, but women are every man's crutch and achilles heel.

  2. Punch bag, thrash metal, get to it and thank me later

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  3. only time will healSent from my iPhone.
  4. Only real pussy dont cry. Shit, now that i think about it, even real pussy cry.
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  6. It's hard to say, but it takes a lot of time to move on. With my first love (I was 16) and it took nearly 3 years to move on from him. We were hooking up and all even though we weren't together and it clicked that we weren't meant to be in due time.

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