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Can't come across any green.. help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sarah0942, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I have been dry for about a month and have been looking to score for a week or two now and haven't found anything! I can't get in touch with my old connect, who was a co worker. People that I know that do smoke either won't sell or don't live in my city anymore.

    I'm not in school and I dont have a job, so I can't really meet anyone new.. is there any way I could score some reefer? I have the $...
    (also, I'm not looking for a hookup on GC. Im just looking for tips) I'm new to the site, so any help is appreciated! :smoke:
  2. Just go ask teens around the skatepark or wherever theyre chilling, oh and just go to any mcdonalds employee, youll get a connect
  3. ^just about somes it up

  4. I would but its 10pm and idt anyone is at the skatepark. I'd really like to have some tonight but its not looking too good. I just dont want to walk up to some kid and look totally sketch.
  5. ^ someone just got arrested in the US for craigslist requests.

    Stand out a headshop and ask non sketchy people "where's the green"
  6. Ask a slut sluts know everyone

  7. good advice to be honest
  8. Even if you did have a connect, you should have several. Having one is just lonely and limits yourself on selection/quality/time....absolutely NO reason to. Really easy to make so why not. Just ask people that look like they smoke (if they know someone even) like young guys. Takes 5 minutes, not even. Or ask a friend lmao

  9. I've been working on that for the past few hours. the asking around if anyone-knows-anyone-that-knows-anyone sort of thing. haven't gotten anywhere yet, but hopefully my luck will change.
  10. you should be able to find one at mcdicks, just make convo with the cashier and somehow bring up smoking and seeing if he smokes too and whatnot
  11. Bar, skatepark, 7-11, bookstore...Of course I didn't have a hookup until I got a job, that was golden for me, works every single time.:cool:
  12. Just got a look, man. I live on campus at college, so it's kind of a breeze.
  13. id recommend goin to college. met all 3 of my current connects in college
  14. order seeds and a light, then never worry about finding a connect ever again.
  15. [quote name='"Rasta Haze"']^ someone just got arrested in the US for craigslist requests.

    Stand out a headshop and ask non sketchy people "where's the green"[/quote]

    Not a bad idea, but buy something from the shop and have the bag in your hand so you don't seem like a plain clothes cop.

  16. This actually does work btw.

  17. Lol I've seen this hilarious one yesterday..

    Dude was selling "Quality outdoor stuff: includes tents, hiking boots, air mattresses etc, brand names include Freezeline, Purple Haze ect. all quality brands."

    I laughed hard

    Too bad it's kinda far from where I live

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