Can't Build a Tolerance

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by antiweed, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking weed pretty regularly for roughly four years now and I can't build a tolerance. It takes me as much to get high today as it did when I first started smoking. Two good hauls off a bowl and I'm high for a good three to four hours, yet my friends can smoke countless bowls and not even be half as high as I am. I've smoked all types of weed from multiple dealers, and have smoked every way possible excluding a vaporizer.
    If i smoke more than two good hauls or a quarter of a joint I start trippin balls. I get way too high and start freaking out and feel like I'm dieing. I'm not retarded and I know weed can't hurt you but if i get that high weed completely looses its fun for me and leaves me feeling hazy for a couple of days.
    I'm looking for some insight as to why weed hits me so hard and why I can't grow any tolerance to it. I save a ton of money on weed but hate having to always cop out on the first bowl.
    Any opinions are welcome.
  2. Haha I'd consider yourself lucky. I would love to have that kind of tolerance. No one should complain about you only taking a few hits. More weed for them and you're having more fun. Sounds like a win win situation to me.

    Edit: Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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  3. Never heard of anything like that before, but hey, it's not a bad thing. Just means you take less weed to get high - could save you thousands upon thousands of dollars in the long run.
  4. No believe me, I smoke with the op on a regular basis, he is not bluffing one bit. It sucks for him though when we sit there keep smokin bowls and he cant do anything but sit there. Plus when he gets to high he just sits there laughing uncontrollably about nothing at all, pissing everyone else off, seriously somebody help the guy out.
  5. What are we supposed to do, tell him the secret formula for tolerance building? It's his body, there's nothing we can do about it.
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  6. why are u complaing. u can save money when u smoke just a little to get hhigh. I wish i could still feel like i did when i first got high. Those are the best times.

    Shit ur a lucky man.:smoking:

    as for the peopel hatin on u when ur high, fuck them to man.
  7. Forget about how high you are in a sesh and keep smoking to see what happens. Eventually I reckon you'll smoke yourself straight and end up tired as hell.

    Or you might green out.. either way will result in you sleeping it off.

  8. I know man calm down. I just know there's so many people on gc someones experienced it before.

  9. Ahaha ya anyone that I've complained to about this always tells me how lucky I am and how they wish they were still like me, but it gets frustrating always copping out early. If I smoke at parties I look like a pussy, and nobody believes me I get as high as I do off of such a small amount.
  10. I'm your lucky man who knows whats up.

    Anxiety, you think your dying because of a panic attack. I've dealt with that before... 2 hoots and you lose your mind, it's not the weed, it's the panic attack. Pushing past the anxiety gives birth to tolerance, it does, trust me.

    Yeah two hoots is cheap for a high, but it's pricey as hell when all you do is freak out every high.

    Just deal with your anxiety, thats your issue with this situation. Not ours.
  11. Thanks for the response, but I don't think it's anxiety. I agree with you that when I smoke too much weed it is, but a good majority of the time when I smoke I love it. I wouldn't have been smoking for so many years if I didn't. When I take my usual two tokes I usually end up just laughing my ass off for a solid hour then I relax and ride out the rest of it.
  12. You're making it sound like it's a bad thing :confused:
  13. smoke more weed.:smoking:
    then smoke some more:smoking::smoking:
    and then smoke some more.:smoking::smoking::smoking:

    repeat until tolerance is at desired level:hippie:
  14. well just keep up with your friends and then you will be absolutely rocked by the time they are done.
  15. Pop a Xanax before you blaze. You'll be high as shot but the anxiety will be gone
  16. That's your problem right there. Your more concerned about looking badass instead of just getting high?
  17. Have your friends start smoking before you so they get a head start.

  18. i agree, i wish i had a no tolerance, you should be happy, if you had a tolerance you would be spending more $$ to get high, and nothing can compare to the first times being high, i loved those days
  19. You should be happy your tolerance isn't as built as your friends/etc.

    If they give you shit about it, ask how many joints they can get out of an 8th compared to you.
  20. Ya, you should consider your blessings.

    Dude, I haven't even smoked as much as my friends, it takes me around like 2 bowls to even feel high, 4 to get blasted, by myself. I only smoke on like weekends and I'm not heavy duty toker. I was born with natural tolerance, it sucks dick. Especially when the opposite happens, when your the only person out of your group of friends still smoking.

    Just sit out the first few rounds and then join in.

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