Can't build a tolerance

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  1. For the past year or so I've been hitting my pen every night about 4-5 times. I usually smoke every weekend with friends too. I really haven't built a tolerance at all and still get absolutely geeked, so I'm wondering why my tolerance is still low. I workout 5 times a week, but a few months ago I was injured and I haven't worked out since, despite this, my tolerance is the same.
  2. Nice! Try edibles before bed
  3. Lucky You
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  4. Is 1 to 2 hits good for you? Nice way to save some greenbacks.
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  5. Don’t complain mate I’m the same. Been blazin 18 years and can still get wiped out by one spliff on a good day. It’s not a bad thing lol
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  6. Lucky guy day 11 T break for me
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  7. you can chew on a few peppercorns to mellow the high ... if you chew on them beofre youingest cannabis it could increase the high though ... chewed on afterwards could decrease the high ... it is beta caryophyllene in the peppercorn that is responsible for the effects ... BCP is a dietary cannabinoids and selectively antagonizes cannabinoid type 2 receptors
  8. Agreed! ,,,lucky you suck on fresh Mango before you toke next time imo
  9. Not a bad thing but for those who are looking to lower your tolerance, I suggest taking cbd tincture once a day.
  10. Gotta smoke heavier than that to build a tolerance. Enjoy getting high off a few hits cos it can be an expensive hobby if you end up smoking a lot.
  11. I wish 2 or 3 hits did me, you have a gift!

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