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Cant breathe, cant sleep.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BigElle, Jan 16, 2014.

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    So I've looked at couple of the long lists for panic attacks, different symptoms and what to do about them but nothing really helped me out. My current problem is recently I can't seem to get high without spending the next two days awake from coughing and lack of ability to breathe right. I've been smoking for almost a year now so I'm still kinda new but this is the first time this has happened. 
    One day I just got really high ended up coughing a lot because the rip was too hot and I just inhaled wrong. Everything was fine, it wasn't even the worst I had ever done in terms of bad rips but for some reason for the next two days I was unable to breathe and continually coughed. Any time I would pass out from getting too high or if I had come down from one and tried to go to sleep I would wake up an hour or two later coughing and not being able to breathe. The first time it happened I couldn't breathe properly for two days. Then my boyfriend got a hand vaporizer which I love but doesn't seem to have changed much. Now when I smoke from the vap, I don't end up coughing it's not too hot, I get high, and then when the day is done and I want to go to bed the moment I lay done it's like my lungs are collapsing and I can't breathe and start to cough a lot. Everything works fine while I'm high it's just when I'm done or when I try to sleep that the problems begin. We got a vaporizer, didn't help much. Stopped smoking for a week, didn't help. If I want to get I high one day, I don't sleep the night of.
    So my questions are:
    1. This is probably some sort of panic attack, right?
    2. Have you had this problem and how did you deal with it?
    3. How can I smoke during the day and still get a good nights rest without having to just smoke some more?
    Sorry, I realize that this kind of thing has been asked a lot but like I said, nothing I found seemed to help. 

  2. Smoke some more.
  3. it could be your sinuses getting clogged during the night from the pot and you cant breath through your nose so you wake up ghasping for air having a panic because of oxygen deprivation (happened to me a few times). or it could be from your throat swelling and makes it harder to breathe because you just smoked. maybe you could be forgetting to swallow and sort of choking on saliva :s. when you lay on your side it cant go down your throat on its own and sometimes you dont subconsciously swallow when your baked
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    or you may have sleep apnea..?
    OP, read up on this wikipedia page:

    I hope the moderators will forgive me linking another website, but it's just a wikipedia to help this chick out.
  5. If you are very overweight I would go sleep apnea also
    Very serious condition, it can cause all kinds of problems.
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    Solar, as long as it is on topic, the mods will let you post up links, no problem. Now if you kept posting up links to other MJ sites, they might get pissed, but wiki, PubMed, and news articles are fine!  I post them up all the time to educate folks.
    As for the original question, Elle, it sounds like you have developed asthma of some sort. You just might want to talk to a doctor about this. My hubby was a severe asthmatic as a child and it continued into his 30s and what you describe sounds a lot like his symptoms.  If you use tobacco, QUIT! The only time my hubby has trouble with his asthma now, is when he has been smoking way too much of his damn tobacco! :mad:
    Also the strain may have something to do with your panic attacks. Strains that still have some CBD in them, seldom cause panic attacks- the CBD mellows out the THC high.
    Or if you have allergies, say to ragweed, if your pot was grown outdoors near some, there could be enough ragweed pollen to cause problems. I would try some other kind of pot to see if that makes a difference.

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