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  1. So me, my brother and a friend of mine were smoking a bowl in the woods near his house and we ended up finishing it and i put it in my pocket. It wasn't til we got back to his house that I figured out it dropped out of my pocket...
    So we walked back up to the woods with a flashlight(it was night) and didnt find it so I figured well, no one will be down here so I'll just wait til its light out and I can look for it then. I wake up the next day at like 12 go down to the woods and looked for a good 15 minutes,didnt find it. This was a good bowl, one of my favorite that I have, it's huge has a deep bowl pack and it's really thick so I figured I wouldve seen it if it was on a trail or something.
    I went back down there the other day and looked for about another 15-20 minutes in daylight scaling back and forth with no luck, I was pissed. the funny thing, I was only losing $5 because I bought it from another friend who was quitting Smokin' (I know, great deal, I was "$5? WTF? Hell yea!")
    Me and my brother went to smoke this morning before I headed to my house to get ready for work and while we were smoking he turned and looked at a tree and he ends up finding my bowl, hidden under some leaves so you could only see the end. turns out someone must have walked down the trail that morning and raked the pine needles and junk off to the side and mustve not saw it.
    I nicknamed the bowl Lucky cause right before I lost it I was trying to think of what to name it... Perfect!

  2. interesting. thats exactly like that one time i fell asleep mid story and learned not to care!

    hahah but thats cool though man, i would kill myself if i lost any of my pieces :rolleyes:
  3. I was on the edge of my seat for that whole story man. Haha good post.
  4. I know man I was looking online and shit for another bowl that had a big pack like that one just the day before i found it too so I got another on the way in the mail :D
  5. hah damn man thats crazy. glad you got it back though
  6. Nice man...

    I recently lost my sack about 2grams or so of weed at my buddies house last weekend. I was outside running around trying to play soccer and I think it might of fallen outside or inside, I'm not sure but I still haven't been able to find my weed!!!!
  8. Well.... I can only agree. I also found the story highly informative and surprising. The end was possibly the best piece of literature I have ever been blessed to read.

    Might be all the weed though :smoking:

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