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  1. These pictures are @ 4 weeks into flowering. I was wondering if anybody could give me a rough guess'timate on how much longer I should wait before the harvest..? I was going to wait until the end of August.

    It was bag seed, but the best guess at the strain is afghani.

    Thanks in advance for any help/input -- it's much appreciated.


    Much thanks again to all of you guys who helped me in the beginning. I certainly would not have made it this far without you all.

    Much peace ~
  2. as far as i know it can take up to 8 or more weeks.the way i do it is what till the hairs change colour half way up the plant.then it will take about 3 weeks after that.then harvest.but i might be wrong.
  3. You need to get a 30x + microscope to check trichomes to tell when to harvest. The little thc molecules will start turning from clear to cloudy and some amber. 50/50 cloudy.amber is what alot of people go by i believe.
  4. All you have are CFLs? that lower pic looks like a warm temp lamp is lighting it.

    What is your light setup if I can ask?
  5. My grow room had a completely horrid setup. Ha! I should have LST'd, but didn't, and ended up with plants that where WAY too tall for my closet. Let's just say I learned a WHOLE lot this first time around.

    The plants have flowered under a 400w HPS, but at the beginning of week three I had to take the lights from above the plants and kind of angle them -- which is why the colas are rather distorted. I just put those CFLs up top to help replace some of the light I was losing by moving the HPS.

    Thanks guys, I'll check around for one of those microscopes.
  6. :hello:It a very good job, they look beautiful... how many plants did you flower using 400 hps? I got two under a 150 hps I hope is enough light for them:smoking:

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