Cant believe I lost my girlfriend

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Dec 26, 2012.

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    She found me talking to girls on fb and found pics on my phone. So she got all her stuff and that was it.
    I felt bad because she was a really faithful and loving gf but idk if I was in love. She gave it her all just for another boy to fuck her over (shes always been fucked over)

    Anybody dealt with breakups? Been together for two yrs
  2. You really don't care that much.

    Go talk to some more girls on Facebook.
  3. What should I do?
  4. Join the club *****.
  5. Oh you feel bad that your amazing, loving, faithful GF whom you've admitted repeatedly you treat like shit left you? Good for her. I'm glad she had the balls to leave a horrible relationship.
    Now you can fuck random FB sluts and she can find a real man.

    So over you haha. :rolleyes:
  6. Why were you talking to girls on fb? What were the conversations about? What kind of pictures?

    If you're with someone for 2 years and you don't know if you're in love then that's kinda fucked up..
  7. Bleh. I never really talked to her anyway.
    I cant belieeve she stuck through my bs for so long.. its gonna suck seeing her talk to guys and check them out. Well I did it too but yeah idk

  8. You are beyond immature.
  9. No, what's fucked up is that he's called her a slut and flirted with chicks on Facebook even though she was an "amazing woman". He didn't have the respect to just end it, he wussed out and let her find out on her own.
  10. Idk she was just clingy always getting mad and I would always not answer her calls or reply back. I guess I lost feelings.
    I feel bad for her because she wanted to marry me ;((

  11. Yeah. Throwing her past in her face while chasing tail on FB (who hits up chicks on Facebook anyways? Fucking lame). This kid does not deserve a loving girlfriend.
  12. Quit bashing OP, whether hes a dick or not there is nothing worse than an overly clingy and needy chick.
  13. Don't feel bad for her, her life is about to be 10 times better.
  14. Did you totally skip the part where he said he never answered her calls or texts....

    He considers her being mad that he stopped being a boyfriend "clingy".

  15. Trust me you don't need to feel bad for her. She will find a MAN not a BOY. And she will be happier than you could ever make her.
    Seriously I applaud her for leaving your ass.
  16. dude wtf why would you treat her like that? she put her heart and soul into the relationship and you betray her by treating her badly... Damn I agree with GirlyS and underahoneymoon. Good thing she left you. That's so fucked up after 2 years.. Damn dude get your shit together before you get with another girl.. Fuck sake..

  17. Obviously you haven't read OP's past threads where he claims his gf is "amazing" "wonderful" "wife material" and "devoted" etc but he just doesn't care because she happens to have a past (which he throws in her face after 2 years of her being faithful to him). OP is a child.
  18. Yeah flame me guys :) I wouldnt post this without realizing im gonna get flamed ; p

    Ugh I just feel like im too young to settle and commit. I mean ive only had one girl and she did stuff with 3 other guys on their first day.

    I know I did wrong. I just need advice how to get through it easier. I think im gonna quit or take a break idk.

    Any suggestions?

  19. I can honestly say I didn't read that..I skipped down to the posts too quick.

    Sorry OP, but they're right. I'm just buzzed and wanted to have a solid convo but they totally have you haha.

  20. Yeah haven't been on GC much at all recently.

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