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can't be the only one

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by thegodson, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. who takes note when old flings dissolve relationships on Facebook. Then starts a mental countdown expecting to be nut deep at expiry. I'm not the only one right?

    I saw a friend leave a relationship a few weeks back and thought that it would take approx. 6 weeks from the typical post break up picture change for us to have a night out. That was the end of december.I was thinking now would be the time for me to make that move, you know things have probably been quiet for a few weeks but I hadn't fully committed. It was really just a thought.

    Sign into facebook a few days back and it turns out, I got the message. She made the move.

    I'm going wait until it happens with 4 more of my friends before I call myself the rainman of e-rebounds but I am coming for the title.
  2. Right now on facebook I have one of my ex girlfriends, and like almost every day she posts these sweet sappy pictures of her and her husband and kids saying things like "I love my husband so much" or "my family makes me so happy" crap like that....

    Mean while this girl constantly sends me messages on facebook basically begging to hook up, telling me how boring the sex with her husband is, messaging me and telling me about the times she remembered us fucking, the kinky shit we used to do etc etc.

    So every time I see her post a sappy facebook post about her and her husband I have the evil desire to post something like "how happy can you be when you were just begging to get fucked yesterday?" LOL
  3. lucky for you, but quite fucked up. cheating is one thing, but cheating in a marriage is even worse because you made a life-long commitment with that person. and it's even worse than worse when you have children
  4. You should totally put her on blast, and give us a link!

  5. L O f'ing L

    hahaha, enjoy it while it lasts. Unless you escalate the relationship I doubt it will keep on forever.

  6. this is your thread now lol.

  7. ehh she's been doing it for about a year and 1/2 now. So doubt it's going to end any time soon lol
  8. Haha yup no one cares about op's problems, or whatever he was blabbering about.
  9. 7 posts. No one really cares about the entire thread bro.
  10. I was just thinking the same thing, ops like wtf, what happened.
  11. This thread is getting better. haha
  12. This is the first thread that should be nominated for thread of the year. Definitely.
  13. If ILLOGIK fucked her and minimum got a picture of the husband and her with a sidebyside of him blowing it on her face this would be the most legitimate thread on grasscity..

    You know, it's not even that far away ILLOGIK..All that legitimacy could be yours..

  14. haha sorry OP. didn't mean to derail your thread.

    Was just merely trying to point out that a lot of people are friends with their messed up ex's on FB.

  15. Not until we get pics of the messages/status updates.

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