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Cant Always Have Fun High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PeanutFranklins, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. It's kinda hard to explain, but regardless... I've been high a few times, and STONED only probably once haha, when some guys and I pulled a big ass 5 gallon out of a lake.
    Anyway, sometimes when I get stoned I have fun, but sometimes I feel real like almost depressed, I think of like other people's opinions on me in my whole life, and like all the bad things sometime. I feel sometimes I don't get any attention while high either... Like everyone is always going on about what someone else did but never me? 
    I don't know what to do to just let it all happen naturally.. I don't know what to do to better my experience high..
    It's not everytime... Sometimes I get high and love it and just get real hyped and enjoy shit, especially food obviously... But other times and mostly with one group of friiends (that i've had some drama and shit with b4) i feel real shitty and almost like wow this is dumb i feel sad why do i do this... they all prob hate me and shit..
    but other times i love it...
    Help? idk what to do to make it always be good.. maybe i just need to ALWAYS get STONED off my mind because the 1 time i did that (which wasn't even that stoned) i had fun as fuck.. but it was also with a group of people i respect and it was almost like i was the newbie and they were all mad excited to have me whereas usually im with some friends but sometimes those friends aren't the nicest ppl like sometimes i feel disrespected... idk

  2. oh and might i add the one time i got high alone i got real fucking sad too.. maybe that has something to do with it
  3. It happens man but, introspection is good. Learn about yourself and issues that you have and have been neglecting. Try to figure how to change these things and take action once your sober.
  4. @[member="GBaby803"] Yeah for sure.. I have changed a lot (for the better) but the shitty thing is I've maybe gotten on bad terms with some people and I can't go back and fix it now, but If i was to redo it, we'd be straight chilling.
  5. also try to be in a good mindset when you smoke and take care of any obligations you have so your not stressing about them.
  6. ur obv not smoking the master kush brah brah
    lay offd tthat synthetic shit. 
  7. bob marley said "weed reveals yourself to yourself"
    you see yourself for what you are, how others percieve you, etc... its a realization... but you gotta do something about it.
    maybe your friends are really not your friends... maybe you dont like being around them... its time to make decisions.
    weed just brings out what is already in your head.
  8. If you can fix it and really want to go ahead and do it. If you can't fix it, then try not to worry or think about it, there's no point other than making yourself feel down. Just enjoy life man, It all comes to an end someday so don't stress about the little things.
    perhaps not how others perceive you, unless they tell you... but rather how you think they do. 
  10. You and only you are in control of your own thoughts and feelings. If you decide that you are going to have a good time, you will. If you decide that you will have a bad time, you will.

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  11. Thanks for all the replies everyone.
  12. I had a pretty bad high last night. I only had a tiny bit if weed left, so I topped it up with a lot of kief. I think I used too much.

    I planned on playing CSS but my reactions were way too slow and I was getting dizzy so I went to bed and started reading the news on my phone and headline after headline is something depressing or negative. Just ended up laying in bed then heard a few weird voices. Decided I was going to get up in 5 mins and play on the PC but fell asleep. I can't remember what else happened.

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  13. Set and setting bro.
    That include your mindset.
    Weed can be a magical mystery cure for some people. Thing that they would NEVER find fun they like just because they're high. Then tolerance sets in and they're thrown for a loop. It happens.
    Just engage life as you normally would. Don't expect boring as fuck things to just be fun. Weed doesn't work that way. If it won't work that way for long.
    Also ...try a lone stone. Find your equilibrium and then branch out into social smoking. Social smoking isn't always a good starting point for everyone.
  14. That's when I toss on my favorite album and just let everything fade into black. I can't always force a high into doing what I want. Sometimes you just gotta roll with it. Music is a great fallback for me though. Or some movie I've seen many times but has a nice "safezone" headspace.
    What do you mean by that?

  16. Example:
    I normally don't like South Park. I find the show repulsive. I am a new smoker. TOKE TOKE TOKE. "WOW Ermagerds!...South Park is funny as SHITTT" This must be funny because I'm high. Imma keep  watching something I know I do not like because it's funny high. Then you gain a mental tolerance to said activity. The "novelty" value of that particular headspace is no longer there and you attempt to reconnect by smoking more weed because you want it to be THAT funny again. It will never do that because you didn't really enjoy it in the first place. You simply enjoyed it in that moment because you were high and it had novelty value and you were able to disconnect from what you disliked because you were high with no mental tolerance to the experience.
    See it all the time when people smoke around people they would never be around sober. Then they realize...oh fuck I don't like this guy at all and I can't reconnect to that magic.
    Then they realize weed is just a tool to enhance and expand. Not to simply become the experience itself. Or at least some do.
  17. Weed brings out the shit you put deep in your mind that you don't want to think about and forces you to deal with it. Use this as a tool OP to help make choices in your life. Maybe they aren't your real friends and deep down you know this?..

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  18. Try smoking a strain with less THC more CBD

    THC can give some people a "trapped in head" feeling.

    Omega369 :wave:
  19. I'm only smoking for a week and found out different strain, gives different thoughts and perspective. First day, I smoked strawberry cough, became paranoid and I swear to get rid of any marijuana related stuff the next day, but i didn't because I had rested, but still tired. Next day, tried Deadhead OG, love the high, can get things done and went to gym, I'm a weightlifter, I did ok. Last night, I grounder 50/50 strawberry cough/blackberry, ate and ate felt tired, and thought of getting rid of the stuff again. My point is, find a strain that makes you feel good all around and still have medical properties, that's what I'm doing, although I may try a few strain, but Deadhead is definitely my go to bud.

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