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Cant Afford 20 A Gram. Smoking Cigarettes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, May 24, 2013.

  1. Really bad idea I know but a pack cost me 6$ instead of 20$ a gram of weed. The thing is cigs are a love and hate for me and I can buy a pack and than not buy one for years. Just to get me over the hump and get the feeling of smoking. Before I quit both. I have bills.
  2. $5 can't get you a gram of schwag?
  3. Nope.  Cigs are bad, 'mkay?
  4. Weed and tobacco is like a Dinossaur and a dog, same difference.  :hippie:
  5. i would just not smoke, no need in trading off to something thats worse
  6. Ill puff on a cigar here and there when im dry but never take the plunge into smoking cigs.
  7. Some people need to trade one thing for another, I am a perfect example of that  :laughing:
    If you can't afford it, save up man. When I was short on cash I rarely bought. Just got my taxes back so I splurged a little this past week. Also get paid tomorrow so I got more money :p
  8. But now youre adding cig expense + whatever money you have designated for weed. Idk, I think it will cost you more in the end to switch to cigarettes. Most people I know who smoke them can't stop, or they get upset. 20 a g isn't that bad, yeah it's a lot but with a good job and straight priorities it isn't much, but this is just my view on the matter. I smoked cigarettes for a moment in time (I bought a pack and when it ran out I didnt continue) and I stopped once I realized there was literally nothing beneficial about them. I was basically paying 5.45 to cut off like 5 years of my life.
  9. I smoke cigs, but only like 2-5 a day, no more. I want to quit, but I'm not putting in any effort, whatsoever. I probably should though, just the thought of cigarette smoke in my lungs disgusts me, but I smoke anyway, fuck you nicotine addiction!
  10. Me too OP. I'm on a long term t break and my cig consumption has gotten higher. Fuck it I'm going to smoke one now.
  11. I would much rather quit smoking tobacco. And it ends up costing a lot more in the end. It is so hard to do once you have been smoking for a few years, I wish I could turn it off and on like I did at first. It took me about 9 months of solcial smoking only occasionaly before I started buying packs regularly
    I suggest you sincerly make it through a Tbreak so you lose some tollerance, and then never smoke another cigerette again, plus I doubt smoking tobacco helps your tolerance to herb in any way.
    Just my opinion. If you can quit tobacco, do it before it catches up like it does for most other people.
  12. If you try to quit, good luck man!! It will seem impossible the first week.
  13. why not work... save up money... then buy a Q, conserve it, and never smoke a cigarette again in your life?
  14. It is safe to say that if you cannot afford a gram of weed then you should not be smoking weed. That is not even to say "get a job", just if you have no source of money, then you need to actively do things to improve your situation and not relax with weed.
    Also it does not make sense to but $6 pack of cigarettes when you can't afford 1 gram for $20
    Save up the $6 and eventually get what you want.

    About addiction to cigarettes and nicotine. Nearly everybody says "I can stop any time I want"
    But stats show that over 25% people who just try cigs become addicted. Don't fall for it.
  15. take out a loan at the bank for 14$.
  16. Fuck cigarettes there are no positives...everyone should quit.
  17. Agaisnt popular believe, Tobacco can give you a relaxed buzz, plus it is a appetite suppressant and a very mild stimulant.
    Is it something that you want to do everyday, of course not.......... silly goose head......
  18. how about you get off the g status and save your money and buy at least an eighth

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