Canopy too dense too early? Mold issues?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by spoli, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone.. This is my first hydro grow. I've been getting lots of conflicting information on the way I chose my set-up

    I'm running a simple eb and flow system with 4x4 rock wool cubes.

    I have 16 "oasis" cuttings in my 5x5 tray.

    Only just flipped to 12/12 a week ago and all my plants are touching already

    A guy at my work who has years under his belt tells me I'm over packing my space.. And that I should be concerned with mold and other issues.

    They are looking super healthy to me at the moment.

    Basically I just want to know if there's anything I should be doing at this point as a preventative measure(for any of the above concerns) or is it all good?
    I'm using house and garden full nute set
    Ph: 5.9
    Humidity: 60-65%
    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Just keep good airflow and pack those girls in there bro! Do a bit of defoliation in a week or two, and perhaps some neem treatments if you ever get pests. I spray just to prevent ever getting them.

    Aside from that they look awesome man. A lot of us that grow micro pack em in as tight as possible, sometimes 2 plants a square foot or more :p

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  3. I have a 4x4 grow cabinet I have to tuck my plants in to close the door. Yours look awesome couldn't ask for a more even canopy line. The only real issues I had with having them packed tight together was the lower leaves yellowld out when I switched to flowering. I have also broke a couple bud branches trying to get them out to water and rotate. Nothing a little tape and piece of plastic rod couldn't fix but still annoying.
  4. As above poster said make sure you keep air moving. I have similar rh numbers and I haven't had any issues yet knock on wood with mold. I have 400 cfm exhaust fan wide open 24/7 and four 6"clip fans running, I also have a 50cfm bathroom exhaust fan pushing air in mostly to give me another fan pushing air through canopy.
  5. Your ok and with eb an flow watering is a breeze I don't grow like that but I've have really dense canopies in my scrogs. Just think air flow air flow air flow. Happy growing
  6. Sorry my tray is actually 4x4.

    Have pretty good air movement right now, but noticed a few days ago that there is algae growing on top of the cubes. Now... It's looking white and moldy 😞. And I've noticed the base of the stem turning a little brown. Fck! Am I getting stem/root rot!?

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  7. I think you can cover those cubes to avoid the algae and run a bunch of hydrogen peroxide in your system
  8. Sweet thanks for the advice ✌️
  9. Lots of air and def get that humidity down. If it stays there for flowering you will get mold.

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  10. Thank you sir^^
    Will this involve purchasing a dehumidifier?
  11. Depends on your setup. Enough ventilation shod drop it down but yah a dehumidifier is always a good thing in flower. A lot of the stand alone A/C units have a dehumidifier mode. Two birds, one stone.

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