Canoe-ing but NOT heat stress???

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  1. Hey guys, my plants are starting to canoe, but it's definitely not heat stress (temp is about 78 F). What's going on here? I had an indica that did this and then went on to gnarl up and die.


    I just transplanted to clean soil last night (no nutrients, plenty of perlite, sterilized), so it shouldn't be a soil problem. Additionally, I'm using bottled water (not spring water) and the pH seems alright (about 7 or a bit lower).

    What's going on here?

    Here is another picture, but this one is definitely nute-burned looks like.
  2. You said you just transplanted to clean soil, what were they in before? :)
  3. Before, they were in soil that contained time-released chemical nutes mixed in. Nutes full out fried three of my old plants. Plants canoed and then shriveled, as you can see in my grow. I think that's what's happening here, although I want to confirm that nute burn can cause canoeing and gnarling of leaves. I transplanted soil, but the soil the new roots broke into is probably still there (clung to roots) and the plants are going to have to fight through that until they get back to the good soil. I'm hoping they'll get a little worse and then start getting better as they get through to the good stuff. Thoughts?
  4. Yo, I really have been all over the forums and online and can't find what this is. Pretty sure it's nute burn, but I need some advice on how to deal with it. I lost so many of my other plants, and I really want some Silver Haze for this summer. Plant curling is only getting worse.
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    It could be the time release stuff. I heard its not good to use on cannabis. How dry do you let the soil get before watering? How much do you water and how often? How much water? How big are your pots?

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