Cannot find any suppliers lately, where do you look to find one

Discussion in 'General' started by Sc0pe, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Its been weeks since i had any weed since the guy i got it off apparently got caught, ive asked the people i know but they say they dont do it anymore or whatever

    how the hell do i find some more, am i allowed to ask other users on this site or is that against the rules?
  2. I live in australia, i assume you just mean any low level retail store, i dont think thats what i had in mind
  3. craigslist just screen everyone carefully and use standard Clist precautions.
  4. I wish I had this problem. 
    Imagine knowing where to get weed, but not doing it because you don't wanna spend the money.
  5. Got any seeds?
  6. i really laughed at this. the australian definition of Walmart!! here, i think you'll appreciate this...
    but really though, you gotta start making more friends. always have a backup or specialist. i have regular and hydroponic herbalists. get to talking to people. ask the drive thru dude at your local Kanga Burger. or do you have Jack in The Box? your whole island is a mystery to me...
  7. i do not, id probably give growing a try if i had some tho
  8. We have fast food joints like hungry jacks, which is the aussie name for burger king, i never understood why they changed the name
  9. Australia isnt fit for The King.

  10. Go to some restaurants that is local and not a main franchise or fast food joint but a local restaurant and a lot of people who work at those places usually smoke weed.  Most are just everyday people who struggle to get by in life like a lot of us and who smoke weed to have some pleasure in life. 
  11. i remember that vid, laughed heaps when i saw it but now its meh
  12. Should head to a skatepark. Guarantee you will find at least 1 person who blazes.
  13. [quote name="Kyle9201" post="19434976" timestamp="1391095199"]Should head to a skatepark. Guarantee you will find at least 1 person who blazes.[/quote]In sa a dealer would chill at the skatepark alll day... posted up selling g-bags to stoners. He would move ounces just in g's erryday.- what's good, nyugga? what's REALLY good?!
  14. Yup. Skatepark. Basically everyone I've met at the skatepark in my town at least smokes Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  15. Social networks that focus on local areas, ask around, etc
  16. It's so easy to recognize blades not from Aus replying to this thread xD not in a bad way.. Just shit is soooo different here!But the skatepark ideas your best hope, if noone there is selling, somebody will know somebody.P.S Take a board and shred a little so you don't look like a goof desperate for buds!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. As I said restruants that are local.  More like the Mom and pop restraunts
  18. Skateparks, clubs, and baseball fields.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. get friendly with some bartenders

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