Cannot figure it out!!! (god doesnt want me to grow)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Carysmoker, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Hey so this is my first time growing and started off by planting 3 seeds 4 weeks ago and as of right now i have 2 semi-healthy plants. The first of the three got ate by something so killed it (stupid, i know) and now 4 weeks into growing my 2nd most healthy looking got ate to hell by something and the 3rd is still slim and slender and is growing slowly, so my questions are
    What the hell is eating my plant?, and if say half of the leaves have significant chunks missing should i even bother to keep growing the damaged plant?

    What is wrong with the second?, it looks like a male already (guess??? , i know its impossible to tell as of now)

    As of right now i have transferred the eaten one to a new pot and soil to eliminate the threat of a infestation and put it and the slim and slender one in a homemade greenhouse.

    will post picks later, ANY help is appreciated, :wave:
  2. As soon as you can get the pics up I can help ya.

    Deer, rodents, bugs and small animals will eat your plants to hell when they are young. If you can, try getting some guards to go around them like these:

    there are pest & animal control solutions like sprays, but those can get expensive.
  3. or just set up a chicken wire fence around it cause the deer will still nibble it with ^^that thing
  4. ^^^ yeah, i couldn't find a better picture
  5. hmm well it cant be dear because they are in my fenced back yard, oh well i am still working on those pictures, sorry i have been very busy with finishing up school.

    Thanks for the reply's guys (hehe it rhymed :smoking:)
  6. outside? bet it is slugs or snails smacking the shit outta it during the early evenings.

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