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Cannons firing marijuana into California

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by 420OGKUSH, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. :laughing::laughing:

    â€ËœMarijuana cannonâ€â„¢ fires pot across border fence | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
  2. Haha that is awesome...I can just imagine walking and a cylinder of 30lbs of weed just lands in front of me...oh man that would be a trip in itself

    8/10 for originality!
  3. They showed stuff like this on Border Wars on tv...some cartels even used catapults like back in the 1800s lol. It'll come in one way or the other
  4. This has been happening in Arizona as well. By far the most hilarious smuggling technique I have heard about.
  5. lol yeah, even though those people must be pretty desperate since they are smuggling drugs, you can't help but laugh at the idea of bricks of bud flying through the air
    this smiley really says it all
  6. I'm waiting to hear of an army of drones moving stuff across. That's what I would do.
  7. I'm sure they do that to. It's coming across in cars, planes, trains, cannons, and assholes.
  8. Yeah actually heard iron the news yesterday.

  9. Already been done.....well not drones, but large RC airplanes
  10. I saw a 'catapult' on tv once that fired hay bale sized packages over the fence.
  11. They just need to get super high powered cannons that can shoot the pot like 5 miles or so.

    But then I'm sure you'll start hearing about killer bricks of marijuana falling from the sky
  12. Be real easy to end this problem of marijuana smuggling, I wonder how...
  13. ^ kill all pot smokers ?
  14. Definitely. My thoughts exactly.
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    who in north america is smoking all this garbage from mexico ? who in cali buy's reggie ? unless all that shit is being trqafficked from like cali to the ghetto's, thats the only places i know that have regie, the ghetto's
  16. This could be a better show than Chunkin Pumpkins!

  17. Hey not all mexican is dirt weed. That's a prejudice! No but in all seriousness I am almost certain the massive cartels, that are having fucking wars and are in control of part of mexico have some customers. I have also seen brick from Mexico of high grade stuff, had it pressed with the cartels seal and it was pretty dank. They are evolving with the times too. They know they need better stuff than the schwag they have. I can almost guarantee they are stepping up quality.

  18. Your right. I wonder why the cartels dident like, start up a huge wearhouse grow of hydro or some shit in mexico and just try to import the higher quality bud.... you know, some stuff with no seeds or stems everywhere

  19. Watch, soon enough these cartels will realize they can start turning their schwagg into hash/oil and get more $$. Then we'll have 30lb chunks of errl being fired across the border
  20. it can be good mids to compressed but dry dank too.

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