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cannibutter on bread/toast?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dylan843, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. i am by no means a beginning toker, however i am a biggining "chef"

    i was wondering, once you make the cannibutter (i was planning on making like 1 cup) can you just put some of it onto a piece of toast(of some other food that goes with butter) and just eat it like that? im pretty sure this would work, but im still gonna double check with you guys so i dont waste time, because i defiantly DO NOT want to make them into brownies or anything really.

    also how would the taste be with it on bread? alone?

  2. it will work great
    taste wise i'm not sure, but just imagine buttered toast with a bit of bud.
  3. It will most certainly work. As I've mentioned before, spreading cannabutter on an english muffin and having a nice cup of tea is probably my favorite way to eat weed.
    Happy Toking!
  4. why are you hatin on brownies? They are AWESOME.

  5. This is pretty true but maybe he just doesn't want that much sugar? They aren't really the picture of good food.
  6. i do like brownies but its too much work for me, have to get all the ingrediants, look up the best recipe, and i live with my parents, so its hard enough making the butter. plus im mad lazy

  7. If you get brownie mix you can just substitute the butter/fat in it for your cannabutter.
  8. Yeea it'l work great :)

    I bought some Peanut Butter that I just make PB & J's with and get baked :smoking:
  9. coookie looooove

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