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  1. Hello All,
    I'm looking to expand my knowledge on the cannabis industry in CO. I hope that someone can help provide some insight on the current laws and regulation, cost for all the application fees, time excepted for application to process, any good website that has reliable information on some of these things anything that can give me the insight I need to start a dispensary recreationally. Maybe later expand into a grower and supplier. Just dreams right now but if you can help thanks in advance.
  2. The application fee to the MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) is $250 to apply. You must live there for 90 says I believe. Any felonies or misdemeanors require a certain amount of time since the conviction before you can start, if at all... some crimes prohibit you totally. I think it took about 2 weeks or so to get approved.

    To start your own dispensary you must pay $1500 I think for your Key badge. Check out the Colorado MED website for more information though, I'm too lazy to check and copy paste.

    Best of luck yo.

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