Cannibas overdose? Need answers

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  1. Me and a couple of friends went to sesh out together. Have a mad time. One of my friends was new and he smoked way to much. Like he smoked way more then he actually could. I think he was scared to say NO when the bong or joint got passed to him. He goes to back yard says he needs to make a phone call. 15 mins people start questioning what's he doing. I go out and check on him, hes laying down on the grass in the back yard. He couldnt move or anything. He vomitted everywhere and he kept saying how he needs to rest. Like 40 mins and he be fine. He tells me he doesnt want them to know, i go back in there tellin them hes girl called and talking to him. 20 mins later. They start laughing and i think they knew what has happened. Keep in mind this new kid doesnt know these guys much. I go out again to check on him and hes completely fucked. Like he needs to go home and rest. Their differently was other drugs and me and this kid only said to smoke kush. Also keep in mind i was 40 mins late when everyone was seshing so i dont know if this new kid did other shit.

    I call up his friends to come and pick him up because hes complete out of his mind and he puked all over a strangers back yard. Some of the people he doesnt know in there so it was so bad. Very fucking sketchy. Some of them come out and say to just come back in and smoke more. I was not goin to let him smoke more after the shit i witnessed him going through. So we leave and i take him home. Someone tell me what the fuck was that? Did i do the right thing? Because hes mad at me for takin him home.

    Ive greened out but it was nothing like what he went through. Plus he took like 1 hour laying down in back yard middle of the night. In a strangers backyard that he puked in. He didnt want the other kids to know because he doesnt know them and honestly they seemed a bit sketchy as.
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    My friend K was fresh off the boat from Japan. He's a military brat and spent the last 12 of his 16 years on this planet there. He was a cool dude, geeky, goofy, reatarded around chicks, but likable enough.

    He used to tell all sorts of tall tales about all these drugs he was into. All of it was bull shit and when his dad caught him smoking he put a bucket over his head and made him smoke a cigar lol!!

    Any way, so he is one of those people who didn't get high his first few times. I'm the one who smoked him out so I know the ganja is good. We go to this party that next weekend at the apartment complex K was living at. He told me he knew everyone, he knew "of" a person who was throwing the party. That guy was cool and let us stay. I threw a 20 spot towards the second beer run for good measure.

    So K starts drinking as someone at the party is rolling a four paper cone doobie. K gets two whole beers down and becomes everyone's best freind, annoying the living shit out of everyone. It was funny, but in a cringy sorta way.

    At this point the monster doobie has been lit and K jumps / cuts in between the guy who rolled it and the guys girl friend. They kinda laugh it up and pass him the super doobie. K starts puffin on it like a train and gets a good 7 or 8 hits before they were able to get it away from him.

    Three minutes later K stopped making sense. 2 minutes after that the projectile vomiting. I noped the fuck out at that point. On my way to see K the next morning I came across they guy who threw the party. He didn't think K was funny anymore after shitting all over himself and the closet they threw him after he passed the fuck out.

    Let that be a lesson to you all. Respect the ganja or get disrespected by it.....

    Edit: fucking auto correct... Come doobie lol!!
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  3. If I shit myself while at a party, it's time to go back to japan.

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  4. Sound like some pretty good stuff. What were you smoking ??:love:
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  5. Kevin... That you? How was your trip back to Japan? I "hear" they are into scat so you should have had an amazing time!!
  6. MontyPythonBud, I think you did the responsible thing.
    The weed today is very strong. I have been partaking for 30 years, and years ago, they called me "Iron Lungs ", from my extensive Bong Hit capabilities. Now I take one or two hits, and i'm good.. If I smoke more, I get to high.. and need to sit or lye down.
  7. Heres a "Quote taken from the original Warning from Nevils NL5 x Haze from the 80s.

    The "Only" weed to come with a Warning. And still does, if you know where to get the original genetics.

    Many don't like it, and swear there are other chemicals in it.

    PPPPFFFT. 1 hour is nothing. Ive seen people smoke the ORIGINAL... NOT the Mr Nice stuff..... Or anyone elses except the orginal 80s genes. NL5/hz, and turn green for 3 hours, puke, and got very, very mad at me because, as I said, they swore I put something in it. They say weed aint supposed t be that strong. Very paranoia inducing, racy, and overall psychedelic. Not to mention long lasting.

    Heres the original warning.

    This is everything the original description of the type is. The only type to ever have a warning that you could lose bodily functions. This is no joke, this is not for light smokers and can induce hallucinations and temporary anxiety in those sensitive to these types of sativas.
  8. Kids, you can't overdose on cannabis. These threads are crazy
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  9. You may not die, but to much can be consumed, and make for a very unpleasant experience for some.

    Many times Really Powerful MJ Can, and Does induce Hypoglycemia, and can be a very bad experience for those who are susceptible to it. You can get the sweats, chills, paranoia, anxiety, puking, dizzy. Confused. And it can last for hours.

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