Cannibar - The Weed God...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WaY_WeiRd, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. I don't even know what is making me want to post this... Maybe it's because I'm bored...

    But I feel like telling y'all about Cannibar - The Weed God.

    My friends and I believe that the human form of Cannibar is "The Walking Guy." There's this man that walks ALL OVER the city, and sometimes he gets from place to place faster on foot than we do in a car! He looks like Ghandi... And he's the coolest guy.

    We almost ran him over once.
    All he did was smile and wave us past.

    We think he's the man that makes the sun always shine over the ghetto... (Which is where we go to get weed.)

    Seriously... The sun is always shining over the freeway off ramp to the ghetto...

    So, in short...
    The walking guy, who looks like Ghandi, has to be Cannibar - The Weed God.

    Does anyone else out there have stoner ideas like this?
  2. he is just some homeless dude, you should probobly stay away
  3. He sounds like my friend Nic...always knows how to get random people to smoke him up...doesn't look like Ghandi but when he had long hair he looked like Jesus.

    He always manages to find ways around...I don't understand it sometimes.
  4. I have a friend like that ..if he was talking to an orange he could convince it to turn blue lol
  5. Hey. Guess who this is. Ne-way Cannibar was origanally a friends iguana and we stopped hangin out wit him so... I'm glad to know that you guys have changed who it is.

  6. Ummmm.. BestBud44? That would be my guess!

    Anywhos, did anyone ever see that Larry Kasdan film called Grand Canyon? It had Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, and Mary McDonald (McDonnell?). Mary plays the part of a mother who's going through this sort of separation stage with her teenage son. Well, to complicate matters, she finds an abandoned baby in the bushes while out jogging one morning. She's trying to decide what to do with it. She wants to keep it. She's trying to convince her husband to agree to keep it.

    Then one morning she's out jogging again. She runs down this alley that has cardboard boxes that the homeless shelter themselves with and she passes a long haired homeless guy who's babbling nonsense. As she passes him, she hears him say, "Keep the baby" and then he continues to babble. She ends up keeping it and the film continues to its conclusion.

    I know it was just a movie, but I don't think homeless people should be swept aside like they're all beneath contempt. Could very well be that one of them has a gem of wisdom just for you. If this guy's anything like Ghandi, he just might be worth a listen. Guys like that usually have some awesome stories to tell, even if they're a tad schizoid. Adding schizophrenia into the mix makes it even more listenable! Life is rather strange that way, isn't it?
  7. I don't think that guy is homeless. I think he just likes to walk.
  8. One more thing concerning the Weed God...

    Everytime we finish smokin'... We just all say: "Hail."

    In a monotone voice, nevertheless.
  9. hahahah, stoners.
  10. Yeah... Stoners think of some weird shit.

    I figured out, that whenever we're high... We ALWAYS see a completely black or black and white spotted cat. EVERYTIME... I swear! It's so weird.

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