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  1. You and the person that you feel the closest to at this very moment in time are stranded somewhere...anywhere horrific with absolutely no food. The two of you WILL die unless you eat. You know that you have to eat a part of each other...say the lower left leg. You get through the trauma of knowing that you have to do it and you are at peace with the fact that your have to eat human flesh...yeah, whatever that could mean, right?

    So, the legs are off and I'll throw in matches for this one so you can at least cook them.

    Would you rather eat your friends leg or your own leg? Or would it matter?
  2. I think you got sensi excited there for a minute MsLB.

    I don't think I could eat human flesh either, but if somehow I had come to ease with the idea, I think I'd rather eat someone else.
  3. When life and death are concerned and death is at your doorstep, I think that the way something tastes and exactly what it is won't be as big of a deal as we may think. Then, when you think of all that you have left to do with your life, then dying will be less of an option and that leg might begin to look more like your gate back to life.

    I'd prefer to munch on someone would seem weird eating my own flesh.

  4. That is very true!!!

    I still agree with woody though!!!!!!
  5. Allow me to interrupt this program to bring Bud Head a special message: I love you! :)
  6. Helllllooooo...of course, there's weed!

  7. i have a friend who is a cannibal.. no, im not joking. he says flesh is good, everyone thinks its nasty because they have never tried it..
  8. ah! where does your cannibal friend get said flesh.. i hope hes not eating himself...

    but then, i hope hes not eating anyone else :O
  9. tbh, you'll be in a whole nother state of mind when your that close to death. Your body wont have the fuels and energies it needs to move, let alone let your brain think right. You'll be resorting to your natural instincts, and those are to survive. I think when your that close with death, (btw you'll have to kill and eat that other guy, otherwise neither will survive, one leggedness on a deserted isle, is a death warrent. even if you burn the stump in the fire to keep it from getting too much blood loss, it still has warrant for infection, and its not easy to limp one-leggedly when out of energy.) (that was one long ( ) thing think of the word, and confusing it with quotatinons, as im too high, anyway, back to the point, if I can remember) it'll be like your on shrooms, only alot scarier, and the munchies X1000.

    So if you didnt understand my entire post, cause I know I didnt, my point was eating legs is good for you and should be in your daily 2000 calorie diet.


  10. I'm not going to interupt the message, but

    I LOVE YOU TOOO!!!!!!!
  11. have any of you seen the film ravenous? or alive? very good movies. very very good.
  12. i think no matter what, when your system begings to shut down, the thought of ...... what stylez said. :D

    an digit yes both

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