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Canned Air to Chill Bongwater

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ElDuderino, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I was wondering if anyone thought of using canned air (when you turn it upside down and it sprays out liquid and freakishly cold) to chill bong water or the bong itself. I was thinking it would work nice in a bubbler at least to chill it itself if not the water. Just a thought. Then again, I'm pretty baked right now.
  2. just toss that bongeroo in the fridge
  3. First post huh? Welcome to the City. Nice to see someone thinking outside of the box. It's hard to come up with an idea that someone hasn't already thought of.

    And yea, I'd just stick it in the freezer or fridge to chill it.
  4. Threads asking questions about Marijuana belong in Apprentice Tokers forum. I moved this one for you. -Trikky
  5. that probably would work, but canned air is not air..its a mix of chemicals which you probably dont want to be smoking...just put it in the freezer
  6. yea it may make it colder be careful tho if its a shitty bong or even if not, the fast speed that you cool the glass down a may or may not crack the glass
  7. I saw a Intervention about the canned air duster chemical...some girl was sucking down 8-12 cans a day shits terrible for you to inhale so I wouldnt suggest putting it in your bong water.
  8. yeah I saw the commercial for that one. I think its made to to take the dust out of your computer.
  9. #9 cornerthat, Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2008
    uh.. that same propellant that has the freezing traits is also very toxic and should never be inhaled.

    however ive used this in success by spraying it on a hookah hose,, way the fuck from my face.

    edit;; if your doing this with a one piece bubbler its going to explode while you take in that nice dank hit.. any small piece is going to suck up that shit through the bowl,, its not good and gunna catch up to you and stab you in the brain

    if you want cold bong water just take your bowl out put water in the bottom untill its just under the downstem then put it in the freezer. once its frozen fill it to your reg level

  10. i saw that the other night, it was pretty annoying seeing her with that can to her mouth every single time she talked to the camera, even when the cops came she was holding a can behind her back lol
  11. No, just use cold water. Use that canned oxygen to inhale while your smoking. Get some of that oxygen back smoking starves you of.
  12. no, dont do this, safe crackers and hackers do this to freeze locks, if it will freeze a lock it will crack your bong.
  13. Well, I suppose it could crack it, but the canned air I have seems hardly capable of making something that cold even if it was held on for an extended period of time under cold spray. And I guess it would be a very erroneous reference to call it canned air, but at least I didn't call it canned oxygen, THAT would be dumb, for corrections sake I will try to refer to it as what it is a gas duster.
  14. Canned oxygen is a different product from "air" dusters. Canned oxygen is sold in headshops and in Spencer's. It can be used while your smoking to give you back the oxygen your body lost from smoking.
  15. I wouldnt do that, Im pretty sure that shit is flamable.
  16. Some of you really have lost brain function, caned O2 is like the same shit they give you to help you breath at the hospital and help when smoking pot because your inhaling the pot smoke and less oxogen so JuicyJBB is like 120% and the other two kids are wrong and made yourself look dumb by calling him out on the truth.... not that has anything do with the original post about his bong and being able to chill it.

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