Cannaventure Sin Diesel? (C99 x Sour D)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rymr, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Anyone got smoke reports/grow experience for this cross? I'm definitely picking up a pack but any info is appreciated so I know what to expect.
  2. who is the breeder for that? ive been growing c99 for a year now perpetually and love it, also love sour D so the cross should be pretty bad ass. hopefully it has the flowering time of the c99...sour d takes forever!!
  3. Cannaventure is the breeder, they've got it on Attitude. It says the male used was Sour D, so not 100% on what the quality will be since Sour D is clone only (female).

    The two strains are my top two favorites so I have no choice but to give it a shot...until the glorious day that I get my hands on an authentic Sour D clone to make my own crosses with :smoke:
  4. c99 is usually stretchy and branchy with lanky ass limbs that need support for even small amounts of weight. pretty hard to grow imo. im sure with that cross the high would be excellent for people who love sativa highs like i do. not too sure on what to expect from it though. id be interested to see how it grows.
  5. I'll def journal it. Grew some Female Seeds C99 in a rubbermaid 12/12 from seed, made every single newbie mistake you can make and only fed them with water...Still turned out great though I know I could probably triple the yeild by doing things right. Sour D I've heard can be tough though.

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