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Cannaoil Chocolate Cake

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HighBadger, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hello ya'll 'erb-eaters out there,

    I'm intending on making a cake (using this recipe from the 'good food channel' website) with a little bit of magical green touch!! I just wanted to run by some things with you guys. I've once attempted space brownies, but they failed due to low potency of cannaoil.

    I'll be using rapeseed oil - which on second thoughts, I've been told that the higher the saturated fats in an oil, the better. But rapeseed is one of the oils that contains the least saturated fats.. (I chose rapeseed for health benefits -, and that it is grown in the UK so it's better ecologically than oils from other countries :D)

    So here's my main questions:
    - I was thinking of making 120ml oil to 2.5g, do you think that will work? Or do I need to buy another g? I'm trying to be as cheap as possible :wacko:
    - And finally would it be worthwhile decarboxylating my weed before putting it in my cannaoil? Is that simply done by chucking some grounded cannabis in the oven on 100C for 20 minutes?

    I've attached a photo of my practice at the vegan oil choc cake recipe ^_^ non-weedy style, I just baked it this evening.


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