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Cannagliss? "Pot Drops" *MUST READ*

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Chronik-Judge, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Someone mentioned this in another thread and linked: http://forum.grasscity.co.uk/showthread.php?t=96167

    So I had never heard of this, and i'm pretty sure most of you havn't.

    I'm pretty fuckin' interested! You can even drop these on your toungue!?!?!?
    This is NUTS can anyoen vouch for it?
  2. Never heard of it... I figure if it really increases the potency that much this would be alot more well known, very intresting tho...
  3. It takes 6 weeks?

    Fuck that.
  4. Thats what I was thinking, seems pretty obscure but the people said it worked:S
  5. I've actually heard about this a couple of different places. As far as I've heard, everyone that has done it has said that it works. I don't know if I believe it or not personally, but I've heard this multiple places. Someone wanna be the guinea pig here? :p
  6. Does that increase potency?
  7. From what I've heard, yes. You basically get an eye dropper, drop a little bit on your tongue and the effects take place shortly after. Don't get me wrong though, it could just be some bs.
  8. Yeahhh I would love to try this, I just wasted herb on a firecracker that didn't affect me :[
  9. Coming from a chemistry background, I can say it most likely would work.
  10. This is basically just making a tincture without alcohol.
  11. Actually its sugar alcohol... hence why your toungue can absorb it.
  12. If I get some glycerin I'll give it a go.
  13. Man i'm too lazy to read all of that yet along make it. I would just stick to something as simple as firecrackers....it's small, long high, and doesn't take much bud. a OZ wtf???
  14. from all my experiences, it sounds like i will work.. so my question is...

    do you just put the drops on your tongue?
  15. It's a glycerin extraction. It's nothing new. There are easier ways online where it will only take a couple of days (you need equipment though). This is like a ghetto extraction, although better than QWISO.
  16. "For only one gram of herb and 8.5ml of glycerine you will get about 60 doses at 3 drops each."

    I dont understand how I could get 60 doses out of one gram?

    When I smoke it depends how high I want to get its either two doses or one dose. When I eat it well its one dose. I dont understand how I could get 60.
  17. When you smoke marijuana, you are getting the lowest form of THC ingestion.
    Roughly around 10% THC content, and plant matter. These drops are similar
    to edibles such as canibutter which give you around 80% THC.
  18. if i can find out where to get some glycerine ill deff try this
  19. You can usually get it at the grocery store.

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