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  1. Wanted to open up a discussion on cannagars.. have you smoked one? What was your experience with it? I just recently bought a purple rose cannagar mold and after smoking my first one the biggest complaint I have is that the smoke shots out of the hole at like 1000 degrees and will burn your lips if not smoked correctly..
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  2. Well, now I want to try one
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  3. Here is a couple pictures of it. I have been smoking on it for about 4 days now lol.
    20210428_131353.jpg 20210428_150158.jpg
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  4. They look amazing lol. I'd love to try one. Have to ask my friend if she's ever had one or would know where I can get it. I love seeing a whole bunch of weed clumped together like that lol.
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  5. wtf is that?
  6. A rare cigar, I'd love to try one.
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  7. Its wrapped in nylon rope?
  8. Yea bro I was excited!! You should use hemp wick. The regular string tore off some leaf so I had to wrap it in a zip zag in the end..
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  9. Here is a video for anyone interested.
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  10. Awesome. Definitely going to try this. Is it real expensive?
  11. Yea I mean idk what expensive is to you but I think its a bit pricey for what it acctually is.. it cost about 50 bucks for the mold which comes with a tip and like 10 sticks. Although the price is high they do have a quality made product with metal clasps and a molded plastic body.
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  12. That's not too bad! I was thinking they were over 100.00 or something. Thanks! I'm gonna look for one of those lol.
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  13. They have really nice ones in the $160 range on amazon that make like 4 or 5 at a time and are an all metal body.
  14. Idk what kinda parties your going to but I only need one blunt that burns for 2-6 hours depending on the mold. Lol
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  15. Yeah but you could roll a bunch of them and age them in your humidor like cigars.
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