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Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by kinggoku89, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Just tried this recipe using 3g of mids, 1tbsp coconutoil for 3 hours in crockpot which resulted in 20 pills. My mom's insurance recently dropped the major narcotic she uses for a generic, which doesn't have an effect on her chronic pain.

    So, I found this recipe, made the pills, and she takes one a day now, and it gives her like 12 hours od relief. I took 2 yesterday and got plastered. lol.

    A bit of a rant, but the amount of weed per capsule is amazing to how much effect it can have. I know someone has a thread already about cannacaps, but for me I needed a more detailed method for crockpot and focused less on hash and making a super strong pill.
  2. Nice! I'm very glad it worked out so well for you and your mum! 10 to 12 hours of relief is what we average as well on the lower doses, and they can reduce the need for more harmful and toxic prescription chemicals, which may have many, more adverse side-effects.

    3 g herb, per one Tbsp of oil, sounds like an awful lot of plant material to be used all at once with such a tiny amount of oil, though. Too little oil, to be processed all at once, especially in a crock pot where you should have the pot itself filled a minimum of half-way, to prevent overheating the material you're working with, and cracking the ceramic liner of the crock pot.

    There's a chance you may have damaged and vaporized some of the material, while under-processing the rest. When using a crock pot, it comes out very inconsistent when you're not working with the proper volume, or the ratios you need. I don't recommend using a crock pot, until you've collected enough material in order to use it properly.

    A double boiler, which can be made by placing a smaller pot inside a larger, with a buffer/layer of water between the two, is more what you're looking for.

    Like a crock pot, this can also be sealed easily with foil, to prevent any loss of vapor. But unlike the crock pot you can make your smaller quantities this way, with less of a risk of burning your product, and virtually no risk of destroying your tools (which can result in the total loss of the oil you've been working on). A double boiler will also give you more temperature control using your stove-top, than most two, or three (or even 10)-setting crock pots.

    Normally, to address the concentrate/ratio issue when using bud rather than hash, we'd recommend making several gentle runs using the same oil and lecithin, straining the old herb and adding fresh canna/material for each run, accumulating cannabinoids from the fresh bud, while preserving those already contained within the oil from the first runs, while also gently increasing their biolavailability.

    Hopefully these pointers help you out. I'm very happy that canna has helped your mum so much. It is great medicine, and especially when delivered in the form of a capsule, it is very efficient.

    And the more often you make them, the better they'll keep coming out, and the less herb you'll need and fewer caps you'll take, to achieve the same desired effect :)

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