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  1. Next week I'm going to Amsterdam, because shit's close and I got vacation. While there I will of course be high as fuck, but I'll also be getting a lot of seeds, specifically a strain called KC 33 which is mold resistant and good for a warm humid climate such as South East Texas. Now I'm moving back to the Houston area in a couple of months, and I would love to do an outdoor grow, but I know there is a lot of shit to look out for, cops, rippers, etc. I could just grow indoors, but the yield on an outdoor plant is 9 times greater, but then again so is the size. Now does anyone have experience with outdoor growing in this climate? Tips etc. I know plenty of good areas, covered in thick brush near bayous and guarded by alligators so location is not a problem.
  2. Look into what I think are referred to as swamp buckets (?). Essentially it is a 1-1.5' diameter tube that you cut to a certain length (dependent on your needs/security/height) then just fill it with soil and plant it.

    Not a fan of KC33, grew some 2 years ago that was sub-par to what I expected
  3. Not so good eh? hmm got any other suggestions then :) and thanks for this tip about the swamp buckets, I'll look more into that.
  4. Ok shit I've been checking out garderner's swamp grows and his set up is perfect to my needs. Can anyone give me some tips on swamp growing? Also some good mold combating tips would be appreciated.
  5. Not sure about it, but I did read somewhere that milk and water is a good mold repellant. Might have been somehwere in the outdoor grow guide sticky.
  6. Thanks for the tips, and for pointing me in the right direction :)
  7. My area has similar humidity as you. As far as growing in the swamp goes, just make sure you have good drainage. Look at some crosses with blueberry for mold resistance. Emerald Triangle Seeds sells Blueberry Headband that you should take a look at. It is supposed to be a great high and super yielder.

    Emerald Triangle Seeds Blueberry Headband Feminized
  8. Also, are you hauling in your own soil?
  9. Very much appreciated :D and yes I will be hauling in my own soil via John Boat.
  10. That's a good move, a lot of the times the ph in a swamp can be tough to regulate. Let me know if you get that Blueberry Headband. I discovered it after I bought all mine for this season and even considered adding it. But my patch is already full and I've got some good strains I think. I'm growing:

    California Wildfire from Emerald Triangle Seeds
    Blue Venom from G13 Labs
    Midnight Kush from G13 Labs
    Red Dragon from Barney's Farm
    Tangerine Dream from Barneys Farm
    Mazar Kush from Wold of Seeds
    Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seeds
    Pineapple Chunk from Barney's Farm
  11. well i just got back to poland now from amsterdam and i got my seeds including blueberry headband

  12. Sweet ! If you post your results, I'll be watching. Good luck !!

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