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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by el_shorty, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. My friend made wwwaaaayyyyy too much and they are giving me some tomorrow :)

    Has anyone tried it on toast? Does it work?
    Or/and does anyone have any really simple recipies of what to make with it?
  2. It works realy well and the high is MUCH longer. But I doubt that just spreading it on toast will get you high, you might need quite a bit more to get high.
  3. I make garlic & butter noodles when I get cannabutter yum!
  4. make some tea
    put the butter in the cup with sugar
    pour the tea over that stir a bit
    lick the spoon
  5. Yeah it will get you high!

    I like it on a bagel with Janes Crazy mixed up salt.
  6. The potency of Cannabutter all depends on how it's made and what was used to make it. Typically though, it works very well if made properly, and it's really not hard to make.
  7. I've also noticed that the better the bud the tastier the cannabutter.
  8. do you have to cook the butter to get high, or could you just eat straight butter (proper portions of course) and get super stoned.

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