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  1. Ive just made some cannabutter for the first time, i used 1 stick of unsalted butter (250g) and 20g of bud leavs and stems. I used the double boiler method, i put 1 pan on top of another with a cup of water, the weed and butter. I cooked it for about 2-3 hours. ive just strained it and put it in the fridge, does it look normall? and should i keep it in the freezer or fridge? Im going to make some cookies or somthing with it this weekend :) thanks :smoke:

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  2. I like my butter without plant material. In pic 2 I can see stems I would strain it in a clean t shirt or screen.
  3. sorry haha pic 2 is it cooking in the pan pic 1 is it now in the frige
  4. yum yum enjoy, oatmeal peanut butter cookies are always great and easy to make :)
  5. thanks i dont like peanut butter but im goin to try n find some brownie mix that needs a stik of butter lol
  6. just finished:wave:

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  7. so is it ok to just keep it in the frige till i use it? it should be this weekend
  8. In the fridge, canna butter if it has not been clarified, can potentially go moldy after a few weeks, however in less than a week or two you should be just fine. :)

    Your freezer is the perfect option for longer-term storage, and freezing is also a good idea as a part or step of the butter making process, to ensure the most bioavailability, as the glandular material becomes brittle, loosens, expands and contracts as it's frozen and re-heated, allowing for a better coat of oil particularly if there are microscopic clusters or individual components of your potency, which are still connected/bonded. :)

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